Read the amazing story of this Maharaja in Alwar who bought 7 Rolls Royce for collecting garbage in the city!

Rolls Royce is a name well known for high end cars which common man cannot afford. But most of the car lovers do dream to own a Rolls Royce. The cars are manufactured with such a majestic look and luxury. That is why they are so expensive. However, very few people know that a Maharaja of an Indian province had made the company to beg him to protect its reputation. That too during the peaks of colonial era. It was a lesson for lifetime for the company that don’t take Indians that easy! They know how to teach a lesson!

It was during 1920s. Maharaja of Alwar Jai Singh was in London. One day he was walking on the Bond Street. He happened to see Rolls Royce showroom there and he was curious to know what are the different models they have, what features do they offer and also to know the price. He was with a casual attire. The showroom salesman thought that he was another poor Indian citizen and didn’t really care much to show the different variants of Rolls Royce and when Maharaja asked for a test drive, the salesman ignored his request.

It was an insult to the Maharaja. He wanted to teach a lesson for the company. He immediately came back to his hotel and ordered his subordinates to fix a visit to the same showroom. When the showroom people received the request for a visit from the side of Maharaja, he got a red carpet welcome. The Maharaja ordered a fleet of 7 different Rolls Royce cars to be shipped to his palace in India. Along with the order, he also requested the Rolls Royce to send the same salesman accompanying the cars. The company obliged for his request.

After reaching Alwar, the Maharaja ordered to use all these luxurious cars for garbage collection and transportation of city waste. The news spread across the world! This was a huge blow to the World’s top car manufacturer. Till then it was a matter of pride to own Rolls Royce car. Later it became a joking stalk to own a Rolls Royce. People Europe and America used to ask if they were the same cars which were used for garbage collection!

The company fell on the feet of Maharaja and apologized for not treating him properly. They requested him to stop transporting city waste in Rolls Royce. Over and above that, they also gifted six new cars to the Maharaja free of cost. With his kind heart, Maharaja agreed to forgive the company and withdrew the cars which were deployed for garbage transport.

That is how an Indian King brought a British company to his feet during British era in India.

Akshara Damle

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