Mahatma Gandhi was not a real person; what is hidden in your pants? 13 times Rahul Gandhi launched deadly bombs than Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Not that we hate this man. Also not that we disrespect him. He hails from a legendary family that has turned the course of progress of India for decades, sometimes favouring it and maybe sometimes not. Regardless, Rahul Gandhi is received respectfully throughout the country –well – most of the times. Sometimes, this man ends up saying or doing things that reduce him into nothing but laughing material for Indians, undivided by what political party they support. Rahul Gandhi seriously needs to turn back and take a look at the lame statements he has made in public, and make sure that he shall at least stop making such statements to safeguard the dignity of the country – if not his own.

Here are 10 instances where Rahul Gandhi subjected himself to humiliation.

1. “Very soon people will think Mahatma Gandhi was not a real person.”

What he was trying to say here is what Albert Einstein said decades ago – Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth. He tried inferring that the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi was so great that people might doubt if he was a normal human being after all. Well, Twitterati made it clear that his misinterpreted message was adequately laughed at.

2. “Poverty is just a state of mind.”

Rahul Gandhi advices the poor not to associate poverty with money and materialistic things. He says, confidence is the key to overcoming poverty. Well, Mr.Gandhi, maybe then the government can focus on building counselling cells for the poor than other forms of poverty elimination measures.

3. “Politics in you shirts, in your pants.”

Wait, what? This was Rahul Gandhi’s way of ‘inspiring’ the youth of Punjab to be a part of politics. Surely, his inspiration must have worked too well for the opposition party!

4. “Seven out of ten youths in Punjab have drug problems.”

First of all, there is something called verified data and baseless presumptions. Secondly, that shall further inspire the youth of Punjab to join your party!

5. “Gujarat is bigger than the UK.”

We present to you the leader who envisions being the Prime Minister of the country. His statistical information about the country is perfection, and thus he never minds cross checking his facts before presenting them in public, in the presence of national media.

6. “India is bigger than Europe and America combined.”

Just another classic from Mr. Gandhi’s statistically perfect knowledge house that needs no cross-verification.

7. “If India is a computer, then congress is its default program.”

So he believes India and INC are inseparable. We wonder how then, are the default program on the verge of being uninstalled?

8. “Demonetization is like fire bombing, worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

We’ve seen bad comparisons, inappropriate ones and insensible ones. This one needs a new category altogether.

9. “Congress is the biggest political party in the world, but rules don’t work here. We make new rules every two minutes and discard the previous ones just as easily. No one even knows what our rules are.”

This was a speech made in Hindi. Well, that we don’t counter.

10. “We will stop 99 per cent of the attacks. But one per cent of attacks might get through and that is what I am saying.”

Who, the Congress is to stop 99% attacks? Did you say it the other way round?

11. “India is a beehive.”

We do not know how that must be interpreted, sorry.

12. “I am a pilot and I read the curriculum which mentioned “How to drop mails from plane?”

The man literally said that, at the CII meet. Does he mean to say he is a pilot, who read some curriculum, which taught him how to drop mails from the plane? Seriously, he said that?

13. “This morning, I woke up in the night.”

The good old Rahul Gandhi classic. *Facepalm*

Well, yet again, not that we disrespect him. But when Rahul Gandhi subjects himself to wild laughter drawn criticism, and does it consistently time and again, how can we not respond the same way?

Ashwini Jain


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