Mahatma Gandhiji could have saved Bhagat Singh? Who wanted Bhagat Singh’s execution?

He could have saved them! He could have stopped British! But, instead of saving his own men, he kept silent and declared that a terrorist must be punished so that India could live in peace to the certain!

Men who loved India and fought for independence could be terrorists? Men who brought revolution among youth could be terrorists? Men who sacrificed their lives for their nation could be traitors?

India calls them as ‘Three legends of Indian history”.

They were sentenced to death for avenging the murder of Lala Lajapath Rai, a member of Hindu Mahasabha. Gandhi, whom we call Mahathma could have stopped their hanging, but why didn’t he?

Bhagath Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were those legends, who were hanged to death. Gandhi Ji was not really sincere in his efforts for his own. He could have put a pressure on Irvin to release all of them since they both were close to each other. If Gandhi would have forced Irvin, he could have done temporary truce on the freedom movement. However, to blindfold his fake efforts, Gandhi ji sent S.Shastri, T B Sapru and M R Jayakar to plead Irvin about the issue.

Gandhi Ji always opposed revolutionaries and bravery of warriors, who were enough to catch British’s breath in their hands. If those trio lived on the basis of Gandhi’s ideology of ‘Non-violence’, he could at-least tried his best to beg front of the British to release them, sitting around the table.

Earlier, Bhagat Singh was a follower of Gandhi Ji. During his childhood, he had participated in Quit India movement, but when Gandhi Ji took back entire movement just because some people burnt British police officers during the movement, Bhagat instantly turned towards revolutionary ideologies. And, that’s why, for Gandhi Ji, it was alleged to save him, who had became a revolutionist.  In fact, he claimed that militant movement was harmful to India’s freedom movement.

Although, Gandhi Ji wrote a letter to Irvin to step – back from sentencing the trio on the day of their execution. But, it was too late to plea Irvin or to put pressure. When entire India was protesting against British to withhold the sentence, Gandhi Ji was really busy teaching Non-violence to Indians. When, entire Revolutionaries were rattling the British Officers to kick out from India, Gandhi Ji was having ‘Round table Conference’.

How funny!

Revolutionaries had shown to Indians that the colonial rule of British could be over thrown by force and bravery. They had showed to Indians that the freedom can never be attained without blood and sacrifice. But, Gandhi Ji was aggressive opposer of revolutionary ideologies. It was unacceptable to Gandhi Ji so much so that his role was criticized in 1931 Congress session by Congress itself.

Unfortunately, Gandhi Ji was okay with dominion status. Rise of the revolutionaries and extremists forced him to campaign for Total independence even-though, it was unacceptable to him.

During every revolutionary movement, Nehru was a super dice for the British to shut down the revolts. In this trio’s case too, Nehru forced Gandhi Ji to be neutral to give big shock to revolution. Nehru would have thought that the sentence might slow down the movement and his family would get a chance to loot the nation using a power equal to foot of the British.

Nehru and Gandhi Ji were both afraid of Subhash Chandra Bose that his military movement in the Congress would overtake their power. Nehru must have done something to safeguard their political career. Of-course, Irvin was very well aware about this inter-revolt between Nehru and Bose. Irvin once asked Nehru to make Gandhi to go on soft about the execution of the trios.  As a result, both leaders of Indian Congress became complicit in getting the trios back from the death sentence.

Later, Gandhi Ji said, “Rajguru, Sukhdev and Bhagat did not wish to live. They refused to apologize, or even file an appeal.”


Who was really in need to apologize? The trios? Or Gandhi? Or Nehru?

They were really happy to sacrifice their lives for their motherland. No patriot would apologize for his freedom fight. No patriot would file an appeal to cancel his eternal sacrifice. No patriot would beg someone else to free his country from slavery.

But, those ‘Non-Violent’ minds did every crime to save their hands on power and they call their own men ‘terrorists’, who were really fighting with bravery to free the country.

But, we had forgotten that “Swords, Blood and Sacrifice” freed this country, not “Spinning-Jenny”.

And, we call him “THE MAHATHMA”.

There’s is no need to fight with neighbour nations to protect India, because it has enough enemies inside.