Bapu’s Satyagraha Has Always Been The Choice Of Protest For People Who Congress Calls “Godse’s Children”, But It Is Congress Which Only Took The Surname, Never The Principles Which Gandhi Preached!!!

We live in a democratic country and we have the rights to raise voice against the government. But all that matters is how we choose to do it.

Recently, we saw many incidents where protestors were pelting stones, burning public property.

Well, one can say that these kind of protests are done only to disturb the peace of our Nation. The opposition who preaches about Gandhi does not seem to follow his ideologies.

There has been a lot talks about BJP insulting the Father of Nation. But, infact it was BJP who followed and still follows his ideologies.

During the emergency period, When the public were not allowed to raise their voices, the BJP choose to do the Satyagraha against the emergency.

Well, this is what happened
In order to gain freedom from foreign rule the people of India had used the novel weapon of Satyagraha under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

At that time no one had the idea that even after independence, our own people would try to set up a dictatorship by cruelly trampling upon people’s fundamental rights and inturn people would have to use the same weapon of Satyagraha.

Mrs Gandhi had clamped an emergency to meet her own ends and robbed the people of their freedoms. In order to correct this situation, re establish democracy and restore the fundamental rights of the people the masses launched an effective Satygraha under the leadership of Lok Sangharsh Samiti.

The Satyagraha was conducted on three levels. Immediately on promugalation of the Emergency the people expressed their opposition to it in various ways. But this could go for only a short time.

Then a token Satyagraha was conducted under the auspices of the Lok Sangharsh Samiti from July 15,1975 to August 15, 1975 and later a massive, nationwide Satyagraha from November 14,1975 to January 26,1976.

“June 26,1975 will go down as a Black Day in the history of independent India. Till June 25,1975 India was a dynamic democracy. Overnight it chnaged into an individual dictatorship”

In these words Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan described the fearfuk nature of the Emergency in a letter he addressed to the people of the country on May 11,1976.

Well, at that time an atmosphere of fear and confusion prevailed everywhere. Everyone became apprehensive about their safety. The people felt suffocated but they were too frightened to speak out. Indira Gandhi projected this silence as popular support for her.
But the people neither accepted Emergency noe praised it nor supported it.

A spontaneous cry of anguish and opposition rose from people’s throats from the very first day,June26 Huge rallies were held. Long processions were taken outm Bandhs and strikes took placem Pamphlets opposing Emergency were distributed.

People all over the country began Satyagraha.The governments of Tamil nadu and Gujarat officially opposed the Emergency.

Source:Excerpts from the book People versus Emergency: A Saga of struggle,Author, P G Sahasrabuddhe, Manik Chandra Vajpayee, Publisher, Suruchi Prakashan, Page number, 80-88


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