Main Stream Media attacks Nationalists voices for exposing Arundhati Roy!

No other country in the world would have protected a traitor who is relentlessly speaking against the Nation. But in India patriots and Nationalists are being targeted and anti National lobby is being protected.

The Postcardnews few days back exposed a news and video in which Arundhati Roy was seen saying that Kashmir, Goa, Punjab, Hyderabad, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland doesn’t belong to India and it has been illegally occupied by India. She went on to say that Indian army uses rape as a weapon against Kashmiris. She said India was raging war against its own people in Kashmir and Northeast and the only way to solve the problem was to liberate Kashmir from India.

Now, people should decide whether she should be put in jail or should be called a Nationalist and India lover.

After the video went viral on social media, Paresh Rawal tweeted against Arundhati Roy saying she should be tied in front of army jeep instead of a stone pelter.

But this one tweet of his triggered the anti National lobby which is now targeting every Nationalist who are supporting India. Abhijeet Singer who is a well known personality on twitter account was suspended. Paresh Rawal was threatened to delete the Tweet if he wants to continue on Twitter. After all this, Sonu Nigam with 7 million followers quit Twitter protesting against the anti National lobby for curbing the voices of every Nationalist.

Every media house since yesterday started spreading propaganda against Postcard news which exposed Arundhati Roy. They said that nationalists are spreading fake stories. But the reality is, the news was first published in Times of Islamabad and 2 other online news portals of Pakistan.

But the main stream media targeted the Postcard news which is raising voice against the anti National lobbies destroying India from within. The first story was written by Siddharth Varadarajan who owns the online news portal The Wire. He is none other than the husband of Nandini Sundar who was charged in the murder of a tribal man. Recently the Sukma Maoist Podyam Panda  who was arrested by the Indian army pointed links with this same person Nandini Sundar.

Sukma Maoist who killed CRPF jawans confesses, names Delhi university professor Nandini Sundar and human rights activists Bela Bhatia!

After the Wire published the story, all the other main stream media picked up the same story and gave publicity trying to protect Arundhati Roy as innocent.

They say Arundhati Roy never gave any statement to the Pakistan news channel, but surprisingly Arundhati Roy till now has not denied the news. It was not just one news portal that reported Arundhati made such statements, but 3 Pakistani web portals claimed that she had said 70 Lakh Indian army cannot stop Kashmiris. (They quote that some Indian media reported this story).  The news was published on May 16th 2017 in many Pakistan media.

Why is Arundhati Roy not openly saying she never made the speech? Why is she making her supporters attack Postcard news and hiding behind?

Since yesterday we have received 3-4 phone calls by Arundhati supporters who are threatening us to remove the article. We are being attacked on every platform for exposing an Anti National. A Times of India journalists mailed us asking to verify from where we got the news, but she only says Arundhati Roy did not visit Kashmir and questions us do we have reporters in Kashmir?

But the lady should first read the article, we have NO WHERE MENTIONED SHE VISITED KASHMIR. Moreover, why did 3 Pakistani news portals quote the same story, the same day without any basis? Mainly they have clearly said that the statement was made in Delhi during some speech.

So now, the main stream should first verify when and where did Arundhati Roy make the speech instead of trying to silence the Nationalist voices. They should also know that the same news of Pakistan was quoted by Republic TV, a debate was also held.

These pseudo journalists have no spine to openly declare that they hate India and speak for Pakistan, but will indulge in attacking news portals which are speaking for the country. If an anti National can so bravely speak against our country, then can we not speak FOR INDIA? What is our mistake…that we exposed her real face?

Check how she speaks against India in every instance.

Day and night we are receiving threatening calls to take down our article. They humiliate us on main stream media, they try to ban our portal, maligning us…for what, for speaking for India?!

Many of the same people said Major Gogoi must be punished for tying stone pelter to the jeep, how dare they speak against an Indian army man who saved the lives of thousands?!

Let those anti Nationals who are targeting us remember that we will not back down for their threats, we will continue to expose every anti National who has spoken against our country. Earlier we were threatened by Barkha Dutt for exposing her now these people are threatening. If they call us fringes, goons for extreme NATIONALISTS… be it,  WE WILL CONSIDER IT AS A BADGE OF HONOUR ON OUR SHOULDERS!!!




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