Major power boost for India ; world’s largest solar power plant constructed in India

Ramanathapuram in the state of Tamil Nadu is now home to the world’s largest Solar Power plant. The solar power plant has a capacity of 650 Megawatt of energy, which is the largest amount of solar power to be generated from one single site. The power plant was completed well before the schedule and has been dedicated to the nation. The world’s largest solar plant was constructed by Adani Green and completed well ahead of its schedule. It took 8,500 men working two shifts every day for six months – and three shifts for two months – to finish, ahead of schedule, the Adani Group’s giant solar power plant in southern India.

The solar power plant was constructed by Adani Green Energy, which is a part of Adani Group and focuses on power generation through renewable sources like solar energy, wind energy, etc. The total cost was Rs. 4550 crore. Tamil Nadu plans to generate 3000 MW electricity by solar energy. Built over an area of 10 square kilometer, the solar power plant produces enough electricity which can power 1,50,000 homes and is a sign of how serious India is towards green energy.

This is a great step towards moving to Solar Energy, which is non-polluting and one of the cleanest forms of energy. PM Modi has often talked about the need to increase power generation from solar energy. Under the leadership of India, a global Solar Alliance has been formed with its headquarters in Gurgaon which aims to promote research and upgrade technology so that more and more commercial Solar Power plants be set up and highly efficient solar cells be made accessible, so that the world shifts to clean energy in a bid to counter global warming. He has often called global warming and terrorism the two greatest problems of the world and has urged all the countries to fight both the problems.

Kshitij Mohan