How Major Rohit Suri & Naib Subedar Vijay Kumar lead the most daring surgical strike!

It was 29th of September 2016 when temperature across the valley had dipped to below normal the wounds of URI attack still fresh in heart of every Indian it was late in the night when most of us were asleep when Indian army did something unthinkable, The elite force of Indian army the Parachute Regiment conducted an operation which made headlines across the world, this surgical strike changed the opinion of the world towards India.

I am not surprised to hear about the surgical strike, after all we are the third largest army in the world but what surprised the world was India’s aggressive approach towards terrorism which was not the case in the past. This surgical strike was a retaliation of India towards Pakistan and the terrorist launch pads that was set up to infiltrate terrorists from across the LoC. The surgical strike that was launched late in the night lasted for 3 hours and with absolute precision. One Colonel, five Majors, two Captains, one Subedar, two Naib Subedars, three havildars, one Lance Naik and four Paratroopers of the 4th and 9th battalions of the Para Regiment took part in the surgical strike. This surgical strike was headed by Major Rohit Suri. Major Suri showed exemplary leadership and courage beyond call of duty and “once all terrorists were neutralized”, he directed the strike team to move to jungle towards North West of the target.”

Suri displayed utter disregard to his personal safety and showing “raw courage”, neutralized two terrorists in a close quarter combat. The officer, along with his assault group, crossed the LoC 48 hours prior to the strike and kept the target under close surveillance till the day of the strike. His team mapped the target zone, location of automatic weapons and different firing positions the strike team could use.

Sources say Major Rohit Suri without caring for his own life launched all-out attack on the terrorist camp. He had made up his mind to neutralize all the terrorist launch pads and the hide outs and ensure the troop cause maximum casualty in the enemy camp. Major Rohit Suri went after two terrorists who had escaped into the forest and after head on fight was successful in killing them. While Major Rohit Suri went about killing the hiding terrorists who escaped from the rage of assault Naib Subedar Vijay of the Para commando force who assisted Major Rohit Suri launched a massive assault on the terrorist camps after surrounding them from 3 corners. Sources say the firing was so intense and accurate that the terrorist had absolute no clue on how to retaliate. The firing lasted for about 3 hours. Naib Subedar Vijay guided his men so well that Indian armed forces didn’t have one casualty. More than 120 militants and Pakistani military men were killed in the operation. Government of India conferred Major Rohit Suri with Kirti Chakra and Naib Subedar Vijay Kumar was conferred the Shaurya Chakra.

The other armed soldiers who were a part of this brilliant surgical strike were Lt General Devraj Anbu, Lt Gen Abhay Krishna and Lt Gen Rajendra Nimbhorkar were conferred Uttam Yudh Seva Medal. A total of 22 personnel were given Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, while 15 were bestowed with Param Vishisht Seva Medal. Those who were conferred Shaurya Chakra included Naik Bir Singh of 21st Parachute Regiment (Special Forces), Captain Gaurav Sharad Jadhav of 36th Battalion, Rastriya Rifles, Major Rahul Dev Singh of third battalion, Rashtriya Rifles and Sepoy Hari Chettri, 9th Battalion of Rastriya Rifles.

The personnel who were given the award posthumously are Naik Shinde Shankar Chandrabhan from 41st Battalion, Rastriya Rifles, Captain Tushar Mahaja of 9 Para, Captain Pawan Kumar of 10 Para and Lance Naik Om Parkash of 9 Para.

Tasleem Ibrahim