Major Trouble for Sasikala…? Madras High Court Raises Serious Doubts on Jayalalitha’s Death!

Yesterday the Madras High Court raised serious questions about Late CM Jayalalitha’s death. The bench which consisted of Justice S Vaidyanathan and Justice Parthiban heard the PIL filed by AIADMK party worker PA Joseph, asking to conduct proper investigation on Jayalalitha’s death, said that the court was not completely satisfied with the reasons given for Jayalalitha’s death. So Why can’t we order exhumation of the body of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha.

The Madras High Court said that it was clearly not happy with the secrecy being maintained by people who are said to be close aides of Jayalalitha the way she was suddenly declared dead on December 5th after 75 days treatment in Apollo Hospital. The court said that it had doubts on few issues. The court gave a notification to both state and central governments on the matter.

The court specifically pointed that there was no revenue division office who had seen the body, nor any medical tests were revealed, which posed questions on what was being hidden. So why not reveal the details at least now asked the bench.

The court also gave reference of Late CM MGR who had been in Untied States for treatment and the government had released video of his health updates, but in case of Jayalalitha, there was no proof for her being well claimed by doctors during the month of November. Advocate general of Tamil Nadu R Muthukumaraswamy, said that another bench of the high court was hearing a similar PIL and it had been adjourned to January 4. Another PIL on the issue was coming up before the Supreme Court on Friday for hearing, so there were three different PIL filed in courts regarding Jayalalitha’s death.

The PIL wants the court to appoint a committee consisting of 3 retired judges of the Supreme Court to study the medical records and the reason for secrecy of Jaya’s health.

Ever since Jayalalitha got admitted to Hospital, there were huge speculations and controversies surrounding the health of Jayalalitha. But unfortunately people who really cared about Jayalalitha could not understand what went wrong and how did she die.

One of the biggest revelation that Sasikala may have played a role in hiding Jayalalitha’s health came out when Barkha Dutt’s mail hacker released the conversation between one of the Apollo Staff and  Barkha Dutt, where she had revealed that Jayalalitha was given wrong medicine and her chances of survival was less. An article released by Tehelka Magazine in the year 2011, had also clearly revealed that Sasikal was the biggest threat to Jayalalitha and  was involved in giving wrong medicine and slow poison to the Late CM.

However, the network of Sasikala looks quite strong and we have hardly seen anyone in AIADMK speaking against Sasikala.

But if the court sets a special investigation team to conduct inquiry into Jayalalitha’s health and her medical condition, there is a possibility the real truth may come out. If, in a democracy, a Chief Minister cannot be protected, then one may wonder how will common people be protected?!

Aishwarya S


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