Make NCC compulsory for all : An appeal to Govt of India !

Ever since the Uri attack took place, Twitter has been abuzz with tweets regarding the incident, supporting Armed forces, supporting PM Narendra Modi, etc. And then, as expected, there were insensitive tweets from the known culprits (aka presstitutes). But the surprising thing was that there were many other misguided souls for whom war seemed to be the only viable option. Some also tweeted rude messages to the PM because he was not sounding the bugle. There were also some people who suddenly wanted to show their misplaced sympathy and friendship towards the Pakistani populace.  Why was it that our nation seemed to be divided into such extremes? Why were we not able to singularly side with our Armed forces and our Nation as true Patriots?

This imbalance brings out some points which need to be contemplated on :

  1. At least 2 or more generation of people have not been involved in any activity like the freedom struggle or wars with enemy nations.
  2. Those who lay down their lives for the nation”™s freedom struggle are either no more or are not part of the decision making either at home or in public life.
  3. Those who have seen the Indo-China or Indo-Pak wars are now in their golden years and are on the verge of being edged out of opinion building.
  4. Our school books DO NOT cover the Indo-China or Indo-Pak wars and there is no exposure to the trials that our Armed Forces faced during those wars. Hence the younger generation has no sense of connect at all to our War or Security or Diplomatic concerns, unless they themselves take an interest in these matters.
  5. The current media plays the role of opinion building in a Negative manner more often than positively portraying the Government or its policies.
  6. In such a scenario, Patriotism is just jingoistic or bravado without any realistic knowledge about the problems or diplomatic situations that India or her Armed Forces face.

A Nation belongs to its Youngsters and its future generation. Keeping this in mind, it seems imperative that youngsters of India learn to respect the country and its armed forces, learn discipline and the value of lives lost due to terrorism, insurgency and life threatening situations. They need to learn to be prepared for any emergency and not wait for the armed forces to rescue them everytime. They also need to be fit, learn to respect all Indians transcending caste, sex and religious barriers, learn dignity of labour. So how can we achieve this goal?

One easy way to achieve this is to make one year”™s NCC Training compulsory for all Graduate Students. Right now joining the NCC is optional right from the high school years through the graduate years of college. The advantages of NCC training are numerous:

  1. Students will understand what it means to be a soldier serving the country. Patriotism and love for India will be the natural outcome. They will never make insensitive comments like Malini Parthasarthi or Kanhaiyalal did, that the soldier gets a salary for laying down his life for the country.
  2. Students will forge friendships transcending class, caste, region and religion and will understand that being an Indian is more important than being a Hindu, Muslim, Bengali or Marathi, etc. Comments like those of Ambedkar Caravan where the caste & religion of the martyrs is questioned will die a natural death.
  3. Discipline will become part of the student”™s personality and he/she will learn to value time and seniors.
  4. Physical fitness is a natural by-product of such training.
  5. All of the above will prove to be an invaluable asset when these students join the workforce. It will reflect on our work culture.
  6. Those who become NCC “C ” certified should be part of reserve force who can then be called for army duty when required.

Protecting our nation from outside enemies is easier than protecting our nation from the inner enemies who erode our foundations itself. Given that negative influences are always going to work towards harming our nation, nay, our world, it is time that we taught our youngsters and the future generations to love and respect our country, our culture and become disciplined people.

Jai Hind! Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan!

Rati Hegde