Malaysian PM Is Now In Trouble By Supporting Pakistan In Kashmir Issue! Here’s How India Can Paralyze Malaysian Economy In No Time

Raising the Kashmir issue in the UN,Malaysian PM Mahatir Mohamad alleged that India  has invaded and occupied Kashmir and also urged India to work with Pakistan and sort out the issue.

Mahatir went on to say that there may be reasons for this action on Jammu Kashmir  but it’s still wrong.

Well, it is evident that Mahatir is just blindly supporting Pakistan ignoring the fact that it can  ruin  relationship  with India.

Although Modi has met Mahatir earlier on sidelines of Eastern Economic Forum and have discussed the Kashmir issue, Mahatir has unnecsarily raised the issue in UN.

PM Modi explained to Mahathir the rationale behind the reorganisation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in terms of both giving effective governance and delivering socio-economic justice. And in that context the two leaders discussed the focus was on terrorism, on how to combat the growing threat of terrorism.

However, Malaysian government is influenced by Saudi Arabia and the country is inclined towards Wahhabi Islam right from the beginning. There is a steady rise in terrorism in   Malaysia and Zakir Naik, who is wanted in India,is called for talks in the country.

Malaysia’s public school systems are weak and Islamists have taken advantage of them, building religiously oriented schools and, inciting youth with more conservative ideas. Some 900 new private Islamic schools opened in Malaysia between 2011 and 2017. Also two beer festivals in Malaysia were canceled due to opposition from Islamic leaders.

But, Malaysia who is now  ranting of Kashmir issue tends to forget that India can cripple Malaysia in no time,  Here’s How

Tourism forms a major part of Malaysian economy and India is the said to be the major contributor as every year lakhs visit  South East Asian countries.

India is the sixth largest source country for inbound tourism to Malaysia.Around 6.8 lakh, Indian tourists visit Malaysia the number pitched around 4.37 lakhs between January and September of 2018.

Bilateral trade between the two nations stands at around a whopping $12 billion, with imports from Malaysia to India being on a rising trend over the past few years. The Free trade agreement signed between the two governments in 2011 had also given a massive push to the bilateral trade.

India is the largest trading partner for Malaysia from among the countries of the South Asia, excluding Singapore and China. Malaysia’s exports to India were worth US$ 7.72 billion and imports from India were valued at US$ 4.00 billion in 2016.

India had recently increased the import duty on Palm oil by  5 percent and further increase can have a major impact on the Malaysian economy.

Thousands of Indians working in Malaysia also contribute massively to its economy. In the year 2011 Malaysian government had decided to recruit 45,000 Indian workers in order to overcome the shortfall of employees in various businesses in Malaysia.

India and Malaysia have been working closely in fields like Information technology and defence. Malaysia had also signed three important agreements for cooperation in the field of cyber-security, cultural exchange and administration with a view to further deepening defence, economic and cultural relations and now considering the current geo-political developments any hindrance to transfer of these technologies to Malaysia would be harmful to Malaysian companies and their employees.

However, Malaysian PM is conveniently forgetting the fact that his support to Pakistan in UN  can weaken his ties with a strong Nation like India.

Sharanya Alva


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