Mall in Dubai, house in Birmingham and 125 flats in Mumbai: Meet India’s most corrupt politician

Congress is getting corned day by day as the raids on DK Shivakumar seem unending.  IT raids have recovered Rs 8.6 crores from DK Shivakumar’s aide’s house. As per sources, cash worth Rs 8.6 crores has been found in Safdarjung Enclave, which takes the total cash recovered in the raids across India amount to more than 11 crores. Along with it, jewellery worth 4 crores was also found.

How did he get so much of currency post demonetisation?

The Indians are not shocked by the amount found in DK’s residence but what is shocking is that how did he have hard cash in fresh currencies issued after demonetisation.

Yes, this is a big question because Sonia Gandhi had opposed demonetisation saying that people are unable to get money even for their basic needs. How will people get cash when all the money is hidden in bungalows and apartments owned by DK Shivakumar?

Minister in Karnataka but properties all over the world

Indians are proud to have a Prime Minister who hardly uses his salary for his personal needs. But it is shocking to see how a minister of a state have crores of money? Sources also revealed that he had properties in Singapore, mall in Dubai and even in a house Birmingham near London. It is also said that in a building, he owned 125 flats.

So if Rs 8.6 crores have been recovered from one house than what would be the amount hidden in his properties all over the world? This Minister’s salary is not in crores but the properties he possess are in thousands of crores.

Poor people are not even able to stock grains like this but look at the amount accumulated by this politician.

Why to shout Vendetta Politics? If Mr DK is innocent than prove it

Congress is busy in hurling stones at the IT offices and blocking public transport. This frustration is expected but will Congress give clarification on, from where so many crores of amounts was found at various properties of DK Shivakumar?

Mr Rahul Gandhi had fooled the public by withdrawing Rs 4000 from one of the ATMs and said that everyone is worst hit by demonetisation. But after withdrawing Rs 4000, he went on a foreign trip; everyone admired his management skills for planning a trip in just Rs 4000. But now the reality is exposed and that is Congress illegally laundered crores of cash during demonization and in turn this created shortage of cash for the public.

Will Congress give the source for all these cash recovered in DK’s house? Today all the Congress leaders are shouting “Vendetta politics”. But Congress can prove that PM Modi is doing Vendetta politics by just providing the sources of cash recovered at DK’s house. But they won’t give any sources as all these amounts were accumulated by various scams.

He is among the wealthiest ministers in the country. According to a report, Shivakumar is the second richest minister in the country with assets worth Rs 251 crore. In 2013 Assembly polls, he was among of the richest candidates contesting the polls with an increase of Rs 176 crore from 2008 elections. After the IT raids, everyone got a clarification on how his wealth increased so rapidly. DK Shivakumar is most likely to lose his portfolio and this raid will even have a serious impact on his political career, perhaps this may put a full stop too.

What next?

ED Director has spoken to the DG I-T Department on the matter concerning the series of conducted on Karnataka Power Minister DK Shivakumar’s house. I-T Department would be sharing a report with the ED after the raid is completed. DK has also violated FEMA rules and just to avoid tax more than 30 shell companies were formed. In a press release issued by the DGIT(Inv) in Bengaluru, it is said that the search is under Section 132 of the Income tax Act which is an evidence gathering exercise.

Lokayuktha had registered a case against DK Shivakumar but later it was dropped as High Court intervened.

Credits: Republic TV

Nishika Ram