Mamata appoints Muslim fanatic as Chairman of famous Tarakeshwar Temple Board; Is Mamata Banerjee determined to turn Bengal into an Islamic State?

TMC MLA Firhad Hakim who referred to Kolkata’s Garden Reach Area as “Mini-Pakistan” has made the headlines again. The TMC MLA has been appointed by Mamata Banerjee to head a Hindu temple in West Bengal. Hakim will now be the Chairman of the famous Tarakeshwar Temple Board. Mamata Banerjee is keen to retain her position as the appeaser-in-chief of the country.

Many people already refer to the state as West Bangladesh. Mamata has openly favored the wrongs done by the minorities so that her vote bank remains intact. If the same system of appeasement continues ,people fear that West Bengal may soon become an Islamic state. Everyone are aware that Firhad Hakim’s views are anti-national.

Why did Mamata hand over a Sacred Hindu Temple to a Muslim? 

Hindu Temples have been targeted since the British rule. Even the Mughals targeted and plundered several Hindu Temples. Mamata has basically handed over the chairman’s post so that the Income received from the Tarakeshwar temple is not rightly disclosed. This is also to destroy the belief system of the Hindus. Mamata is making an attempt to destroy the sanctity of the place. An MLA who is bothered about Pakistan and is spewing venom against his motherland. What can we expect from him?

The secular excuse won’t work this time. Mamata claims to be the most secular leader in India. Mamata has never addresses issues such as Islamic extremism prevalent in the state of West Bengal. Just to gain political mileage, Mamata has crossed all limits this time. The decision taken by her is unprecedented. No Muslim has even been given such an important post. The people are aware of what Booby Hakim’s mindset is.

This conspiracy existed even during the British Raj. The British were aware of the income received by some of the most famous Hindu Temples in the world. They knew that Hindus have a strong faith system. The money which should be utilised by Temple trusts to help the poor and feed the needy, may be diverted elsewhere. The intention is to weaken Hinduism and strengthen ‘other religions.’

These are the incomes of some of the most famous temples in India. The Supreme court issued a verdict in 2014 which stated that no state government should interfere in the managing a temple. But corrupt officials and unethical politicians continue to interfere.

But the flawed system continues to prevail. Some of the RTI’s filed reveal that some of the state governments gobble up the major income that is received from these Hindu temples.

The big question is why are only the Hindu temples targeted? Why is no mosque or church targeted. Not that we want anyone to, but why are the Hindus always subject to discrimination.

Hindu Kings also made huge contributions to Hindu temples. There were kings who donated their entire assets to the Hindu Temples. Every temple trust is set up with the object of accomplishing certain objectives. The intention is to help the needy and serve the poor. Many Hindu temples also provide healthcare facilities. But by appointing a Muslim as the chairman of the famous Tarakeshwar temple board, Mamata has made her intentions clear. She wants to create a state where Hindu temples are looted and the funds are utilized to spread communal venom. The example set by Mamata is scary. The Hindus of West Bengal need to wake up before it’s too late.

Source: performindia.com

Tony Joseph