Have Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal Lost Plot Going Against Black Money Fight?

Kejriwal Bhaiyaa ki Mamta Didi : Obsession unending with Congress Roots

What is common between Bitter Gourd and Bottle Gourd other than they are green vegetables. Congress is the colour of pseudo secular politicians of India ,whichever name of party he or she works for and its symbolic identification of their roots from DNA of British Colonial way of keeping agents in Mahatama Gandhi, while misleading greatest nation on the face of planet –India, to recognise on who gave India its freedom from 1000 years of foreign rule? Was it Netaji Subash Bose or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi unless PM Atlee accepts in Kolkatta that they never left India due to Bapu Gandhi or his half baked politician green Chacha Nehru, for him to rule for next eighteen followed by another 30 years by his Italian clan, with heavy British Colonial mind set of Churchill’s projected political thugs of India.

Congress carried the legacy and kept words of Churchill intact while dropping its seeds in the form of Chaudhary Charan Singh, Jagjeewan Ram, Sharad Pawar, Mulayam, Laloo, Chandrashekhar, I K gujral, Behen Jee during Indira times and in contemporary politico horizon its vocal mascots are Arvind Kejriwal and Mamta Banerjee. They all are as green as symbolic representation of cult in Indian Flag for Islamic coexistence with Saffron color of Hindu majority filled with White in between for peace chakra of Greatest Hindu King Ashoka.

Appeasement policy toed by this Green Cult for 65 Years to garner green votes in bulk of Islamic bank paid well but ended in making India a most confused and vulnerable society filled with huge currency in coffers to run campaigns after campaigns and win elections in the largest distorted democracy. Political Terror of Nehru – Gandhi family ran on this money which yielded fissures and decades of exploitation of poor Hindus. Conversion to other religions under allurement of better life continued at a pace faster than in pre-independence India.

Kejriwal and Mamta came from this pseudo secular cult with Hindu names but green mindset. One embraced western Pakistan and other eastern to garner votes. ISI sponsored Hindu names on the horizon of Indian Political platform started arriving and Congress garnered the opportunity covertly. One can see with his eyes closed –ears open yet to listen- if ever Mamta condemned the Queen Sonia representing British legacy of Nehru clan. None. Screens of TV filled with Kejriwal and Rahul acting as lost brothers in Kumbh during a sad incident of Ex-Service man, now a Congress village leader, allegedly committing suicide and thereafter his decorated cremation tamasha just before the revolutionary demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency moving Indian Black but very strong parallel economy, under the garb of Security reasons from threats of terror funding through fake notes in circulation.

Stage set for Kejriwal meeting Didi in Sabzi Mandi of Delhi.

They thought Green vegetables are in demand in Delhi but the slogans from majority welcome both of them with MODI MODI rantings to their utter dismay. There is nothing common in green gourd and green bitter gourd other than Love to hate saffron Modi and toe the British chain of legacy represented by white Sonia and chakka, sorry chakra, Rahul, the fake Gandhis. When the question in country is who gave us the freedom in 1947 – was it Gandhi or it was Subash – who will answer Indian Currency is fake or Original till Gandhi is finding its space on the face. We are still not bold enough to replace Gujrati Gandhi or may be Gujrati Modi will only replace him when history is written in future.

One grand step of demonetization by Saffron politics announced by PM Narenderbhai Modi himself on 8th November 2016 at 8 PM shaking screens of Indian Television Channels, has jostled black money run grand Congress party ,counting on a Ritcher scale as high as 10. Tsunami from Bay of Bengal is roaring as per her masters voice in Delhi. Kejriwal as stooge of Pseudo Secular, ISI sponsored political class, is yelling with no takers, perfectly being used per say – When you keep dogs ,don’t bark yourself. You have Didi and Bhaiyaa Kejri Khaansiwaal or Khujliwaal, popularly called as by remorse filled Delhites, who voted him to power on anti-graft platform. Irony is the same man is found so vocal on supporting Black Money circulation.

Saffron Majority has taken oath to back Modi to bring grace and respect to Indian Rupee back and make the country once again Golden Bird (Sone Ki Chidiya) of world as it used to be called in pre-invasion times of Islamic Raiders from Central Asian nomadic horse eating nations.

We accept we have not recognize our real National Heroes in past.

We accept we have forgotten and written off Real History under Nehruvian conspiracy.

No Longer. No More . No Pseudo nationalist .

Just True Nationalist – Modi Modi Modi

“Ram Ram” is back with elan to welcome demonetization even we are inconvenienced to death to add Satya Hai …….We are only with only truth that is name of true secular King Lord Ram and not Pseudo Seculars. Even on the last journey.

Priyanka Jadon