Why is Mamata Banerjee fearing Amit Shah the most after his recent visit to West Bengal?

One year back, when Mamata Banerjee won the elections in West Bengal she was very confidant of ruling the state for another 10-15 years. But this confidence in her doesn;t seem to be in her anymore. just in a span of one year there seem to be drastic changes in the state which has definitely upset the voters of Bengal.

When Mamata Banerjee won the elections for the first time in 2011, people felt that she was the face of development in Bengal. She had brought an end to the 30 years of left rule which had literally destroyed the beautiful state of Bengal. But after she occupied the chair of CM, her intention completely took a U turn and instead of development, she picked up the appeasement route which eventually turned out to be hatred towards Hindu community.

She set new levels in appeasement politics which went to an extent of supporting Islamic terrorism. All minority maulanas were given free hand in the state just to impress the vote banks. This habit slowly lead to the dominance of these so called Muslim scholars who tried to influence their belief in every section of the society. They even controlled many government decisions and implemented many Islamic rules in the government.

last year, the situation turned to be worst. Mamata Banerjee in an attempt to make her vote banks happy gave a free hand to the Muslims to attack Hindus in the areas of Malda and Dhulagarh, which lead to the brutal killing of innocent Hindus in both the cities. The Hindus were chased out of their houses, burnt alive and women were raped in the streets of Bengal.

No media dared to report this incident apart from Zee News, for which Mamata Banerjee filed a case against Sudhir Chaudary for anchoring the story. The paid media in Delhi tried to mask the incident by their age old rhetoric of secularism crap.

No action was taken against any Muslim, but instead Hindus were blamed by the Bengal government and said the BJP was behind the attack. The sad part was no Hindus were able to get justice and they had to leave their towns and cities. But the biggest jolt to Hindus came when the Mamata Banerjee government ordered the ban of Durga Pooja during Navatri, which was definitely not well received by the people. Since Durga Pooja is almost centuries old tradition in Bengal and people are emotionally connected with it, the decision exposed that Mamata was going out of her way to appease Muslims.

But the banning did not stop there, and the govt also ordered to stop Sasarswati pooja in schools. The situation crossed all limits when the education dept of Bengal suggested to even change the name of Lord Ram to Rong. The bizarre reasin they gave was that the name Ram was communal and hurt the sentiments of Muslims. The govt also inducted many urdu words replacing the original Bengali words in the text books.

The Maulana and Imam who had full control of the state, started to issue fatwa against many prominent personalities in India for singing Hindu songs. They went to an extent of issuing Fatwa against the Prime Minister of the country and even openly threatened to kill PM Modi. The situation in Bengal looked nothing less than the state of Pakistan or ISIS controlled place.

As they say, everything has end, Mamata’s popularity among the masses also started to decline after her appeasement politics crossed all limits. On the other hand BJP and RSS started to gain pace in Bengal with people joining the BJP cadre in large number. In just 1 year, there have been considerable increase in the number of supporters to BJP and the RSS has established over 3000 shakas in Bengal.

Amit Shah who has taken Bengal as a challenge, has worked out a master strategy to save Bengal from the clutches of Jihadi Didi. After the massive win of BJP in Uttar Pradesh and their sudden surge of popularity in Odisha, Mamata Banerjee has been worried. Many of her party members joined BJP recently after BJP won UP elections. The fear of BJP’s growth has made Mamata Banerjee to speak more against Hindus and RSS. She even attempted to shut down most of the RSS run schools in Bengal to threaten BJP, but this attempt has boomeranged her badly.

Amit Shah has taken the fight from the ground level and the biggest objective of his camapign is the consolidation of the Hindu votes. He very well knows that the consolidation of the Hindus is the most powerful weapon which can never be defeated. While Mamata Banerjee has completely neglected Dalits, OBCs in her minority appeasement mantra, the BJP has become the voice of these deprived class. Slowly and steadily the dalits and ObCs are turning towards BJP just like in UP and Odisha. The most affected Hindus in the riots are none other than the OBC section in remote areas of Malda. These people who had no hopes now look upto BJP leaders for help.

So, Amit Shah has now selected full time cadres who can be present 24/7 and address every problem related to the people of Bengal. The BJP workers are collecting information from ground and are trying to build a solid base in every district. The RSS on the other hand is providing food and building houses to the riot affected victims which has made them acceptable among the youths. This has turned out to be biggest nightmare for Mamata. Exactly why Mamata Banerjee rushed to Lord Jagganath Temple, to calm the Hindus who are totally upset with her. She wanted to use it as a gesture to impress Hindus who were leaning towards BJP.

But this has not fetched her any results and BJP’s popularity in the state in on an upscale. It is a matter of time people will see the real face of Mamata Banerjee very soon.

Aishwarya S


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