Why Mamata Banerjee Should Feel Ashamed For Her Acts?!

As I start penning down my thoughts over this issue,  I am exposed to politics of hypocrisy by Indian polity –united opposition now headed by West Bengal CM Ms. Mamata fondly called as Di raising her voice against Demonetization, bringing the fact to the limelight stating it has shattered the WB’s Economy especially poor farmers Calling Cashless as “baseless” in her Bengali accent English.Iam forced to compare this situation with an actual “Coup” across the border whose architect was none other than Gen.Pervez Musharraf.

Now the exact meaning of “Coup” is hostile  takeover of Government (Usually Democratically Elected), You must be wondering why I need to explain the meaning in this context because West Bengal Chief Minister Ms.Mamata Banerjee who has been virtually at war with PM Modi Government over the DeMonetization issue, spent Thursday night at Secretariat, demanding “withdrawal of the Army” and dubbed the motive behind Army deployment in the State as” Political,Vindictive,Unconstitutional,unethical, and Undemocratic”. She also garnered support from her Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal who earlier on Friday said that Banerjee was targeted by the Central government for daring it on Demonetization. It’sup to people of India to gauge these people’s real intentions & motive to serve or to aim for National level of politics forming Mahagatbandhan for 2019 Elections.

She also called up other State’s Chief Ministers to garner support for her ulterior motives against PM Modi. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Friday 2nd December 2016, extended his support to West Bengal counterpart Mamta Banerjee who has accused the Union Government of “deploying the Army” along two highway Toll plazas while keeping the state Government in the dark”. Mr. Akhilesh Yadav supported her by saying “I feel whatever Mamtaji is doing, the way she is raising her voice against the Centre, is a good thing. Things should happen within the knowledge of the state Government. She is doing the right thing by voicing her concerns”, at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit here. Suddenly all these people have united to go against PM Modi’s agendas only shows that they are under paranoia, completely exposed having lost the plot for Polls as Entire Nation supports the Government though people have to face inconveniences by this revolutionary & historic step taken by our PM Modi over high denomination currency ban.

Following this there was ruckus created by TMC MPs in the parliament over a non-issue wrongfully accusing Army who are saviors of our lives serving us on the borders facing the extremities of situations, that they are indulging in “Loot” in Various Toll Plazas as they conducted a “Routine Exercise”. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s allegation that the state’s rights are being impinged upon by the centre, was a clear sign of her political frustration, and added that it is saddening to see her & other opposition parties questioning the credibility of the Indian Army while it was performing a routine annual military exercise. Addressing the lower house of the Parliament, Mr. Parrikar clarified that the deployment of Army is a routine exercise being carried out since many years. This Army exercise also took place on 19th and 21st November 2015, last year. Now to cover up their hypocrisies she stooped down (Mamata Banerjee) to such a low level of politics of creating a controversy for a routine exercise carried out by Indian Army. He also further stated that concerned officials were also intimated in West Bengal this year too. Original dates were 28,29, &30 December, but were changed to 1st& 2nd December” later he added.

Information & Broadcasting Minister Mr. Venkaiah Naidu told the Rajya Sabha that West Bengal Government was informed about the drill, while urging the Upper House to not to drag the Indian Army to an unwanted controversy. “It is a sensitive matter as it pertains to the Army, let us not derail from important issues, “saidMr. Venkaiah Naidu. Hysteria gripped West Bengal yesterday (1st Dec.) after chief Minister Mamta Banerjee decided not to go home and instead stayed put at the Secretariat Nabbanna to protest the” Sudden deployment” of the Army in the area. Ms. Mamata stayed overnight at her office in the secretariat in Kolkata, objecting to the presence of Army Jawaans at Toll booths, one just 500 metres away from where she was.

“is this a Military Coup”? panic stricken Ms. Banerjee asked, alleging that the state government had not been informed about what the Army told it was a routine exercise that it was conducting across Eastern States. She immediately checked with other States which reported no such exercise and called it “Political Vendetta” and “an attack on the Federal structure” by the Centre, with which she had crossed swords over the Currency ban. She also further told “Besides the financial emergency, the attack on democracy and the federal structure, is there an emergency”?

The Army’s Eastern Command had said that the state police had been informed. “Army conducting routine exercise with full knowledge & permission with West Bengal Police. Speculation of Army taking over Toll plaza incorrect @adgpi” tweeted. But the Kolkata Police responded, also on Twitter, “Army exercise at Toll plaza was objected to in writing by Kolkata Police, citing security reasons & traffic inconvenience @easterncomd”. The Chief Minister said she has asked Chief Secretary Basudeb Banerjee, the State’s top bureaucrat, to complain to the centre. The Army further clarified its stand that it conducts the Data collection exercise at Toll booths across the country bi-annually and assured that, “There is nothing alarming about this and it carried out as per government orders”. The exercise will end on Friday itself (2nd Dec.)

“Routine exercise in all NE States. In Assam at 18 places, Arunachal at 13, WB at 19, Manipur at 6, Nagaland at5, Meghalaya at 5, Tripura& Mizoram @adgpi” the Army tweeted. Mr Derek O’ Brien called it a “dangerous situation, and said his party will raise the issue & he did raise the issue and created ruckus with opposition united on this issue. Mamta Banerjee is visiting different cities to protest against Demonetization, she accuses the government of punishing the poor with its notes ban which has led to a huge cash crunch.It’s quite appalling to see united opposition getting together for protesting against currency ban, now latest the Trending word throughout the Nation so called “Coup” by Mamata Banerjee in her state by centre. Isn’t this a new low in Indian politics? I leave with these thoughts to ponder over. Hope this Kurukshetra has a successful conclusion. “Sabko Sanmati De, Sabko Sadbudhi De Bhagwan”

Jai Hind

Dr.S. Sukanya Iyer