Did Mamata Banerjee File Case Against Zee News Sudhir Chowdhary on Behest of Arvind Kejriwal??

Freedom of speech of Media is once again attacked in the World’s largest Democracy. The Media is Zee News Channel. The assailant of their FOS is Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal. The news telecast of Zee News  about the Hindu Atrocities in West Bengal has brought such reaction from her .  Mamata Banerjee Government has filed an FIR under Non-bailable Section against Sudhir Chowdhary, the Zee News Editor, Pooja Mehta , Reporter and Tanmay Mukherjee, Camera man for covering Dhulagarh Riots on Zee News.

There is an uproar of common people on Social Media condemning this Dictatorship of a Government. There is a pin drop silence from the so called Guardians of Freedom of Speech who were ranting against the Symbolic One day Ban on NDTV channel as a threat to Democracy. Their rants won over the Opinion of India as The Government put a hold on the one day Ban. . The ban on NDTV was for compromising on the national security while covering the Pathankot Terror Attack. It was a clear case of ‘Direct Violation of the Freedom of the Press’. Common people had applauded the decision of the Government. But people lost to pseudo-liberals!

Since Sudhir Choudhary put a post on his Facebook page about the FIR by Mamata Banerjee, Common People are raising their voice against this Murder of Democracy by trending #EmergencyInBengal

Satish Upadhyay, the President of BJP Delhi has made shocking revelations in this issue.He has revealed the involvement of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in the FIR business. Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party loathe Zee News for exposing them time and again. Their Media management has bought most of the news channels except Zee News and few others. And  since the crisis of Demonetization has hit the CMs of Delhi and West Bengal, they have become buddies. Check the tweet of Satish Upadhya below:

The only channel that covered the Burning Bengal  exclusively was  Zee News.  Read how NDTV and Rajdeep Sardesai were exposed in refusing to cover Hindu Atrocities in Bengal. “Nothing against Mamata Didi and nothing for Hindu atrocities “…that’s the bigotry Journalism of NDTV and India Today ! The same channels couldn’t get over one lynching incident of Dadri for months together as the victim was a Muslim!

Shocking Audio Tapes Expose How NDTV and Rajdeep Sardesai Tried to Hide Bengal Riots!

Mamata Banerjee calls the Demonetization Step of PM Modi to curb Black Money as ‘Draconian’. She gets rattled when Indian Army Jawans are seen in vicinity. She abuses on Income Tax Officials for raiding on Key places and Cooperative banks. She welcomes Illegal Infiltrations of Bangladeshi Muslims as they are her Prominent Vote Bank. The atrocities against Hindus are a common thing in West Bengal due to the political support to the Muslims. Nobody dared to cover  the Bengal Riots except Zee News. Their coverage of Burning Bengal has spread awareness among Indians. Social Media is abuzz with the issue of Burning Bengal and Mass Hindu Exodus.

How Mamata Banerjee’s Vote Bank Appeasement is Burning West Bengal to Ashes!

SHOCKING! BJP Rajya Sabha MP Roopa Ganguly Almost Killed by Mamata Banerjee’s Goons in Kolkata!

Indians are standing in solidarity with Sudhir Choudhary and Zee News. People are raising their voice against this death of Democracy. But should we Indians hope that our collective voice would yield any results?  In that case NDTV Ban for just one day wouldn’t have been put on a hold! People lost the war against the corrupt channel a month back! Psuedo- Liberals who rant FOS for ‘Bharat Ki Barbadi ‘gang won again.

Will India’s collective voice win this time? Or else, as Sudhir Choudhary says…” Or once again Selfish Politics will prevail? That’s my fear.”

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi