Mamata Banerjee openly supports Pakistan, Bans Major Gen. G D Bakshi’s talk on ‘J&K and Balochistan’!

Mamata Banerjee’s dictatorship is reaching new heights – she now bans Major General Bakshi’s program which was to be held in the Kolkata Club, & the reason is most appalling.

A seminar was to be conducted in the Kolkata Club on the 7th of January. The topic was the ‘Saga of J&K & Balochistan’. He has attended many such seminars before throughout the country – in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi, Patna, etc. Such events are normal & frequent. But the Mamata Banerjee government did a first by banning the seminar. General Bakshi had even cancelled certain appointments to be there at the Kolkata Club.

He was informed that the Kolkata Police has asked for J&K to be removed as a topic of discussion as it could lead to law & order problems in Kolkata! And this is not the end of it. Two days after that, the Kolkata Police had the banners & posters of the seminar taken down as well, & said that even Balochistan couldn’t be discussed!

General Bakshi says, “This is putting curbs on the right to free speech guaranteed by the Constitution of India. These are vital national security issues that merit debate & discussion. Why is the state government of Bengal stopping this? We would like to know the reasons.”

Why does Mamata Banerjee fear discussions on J&K &Baluchistan in her state? Is it because she has turned West Bengal into another J&K herself?

She has huge support amongst illegal Bangladeshi immigrants who have been given protection by her government & have thus become her staunch vote bank. This unprecedented support to these illegal immigrants has resulted in the law & order of the state becoming terrible.

Constant riots are done under the protection of the ruling party, &extreme crimes are carried out against Hindus & no prosecution of the criminals take place because they are voters of the TMC. The recent Dhulagarh riot is a prime example. Mamata Banerjee was doing all she could to prevent the riot from becoming a national news. When Zee News did report it, Mamata Banerjee went on to file an FIR against it.

West Bengal has become a bomb-making factory with the security agencies regularly reporting the finding of bombs & explosives. So, with riots, crimes against Hindus, banning of Hindu festivals, extremism, terrorism on the rise – Mamata Banerjee has created a J&K-like situation of her own.

Vinayak Jain