Mamata Banerjee to set up separate engineering entrance exam for minority students!

West Bengal will soon turn out to be another Pakistan. Probably that is what Mamata Banerjee is planning to do! Her appeasement politics is reaching the pinnacle which is almost destroying the state of West Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee banned Durga Pooja, Saraswti pooja, removed the word Lord Ram from text books and replaced with Rong. Now she is all set to introduce new policy, in which the Minority students will have separate entrance exam for Engineering courses.

The Bengal government issued the order in the first week of March. The test will be organized by Association for Minority Academic Professional Institute (AMPI). So colleges can have separate entrance test for minorities, these colleges have reserved more than 50% of the seats to minorities and only if the seats do not get filled, then there will be chance given to General category students. Supreme Court had given permission for minority institutes to conduct their own entrance test.
But this law is being completely misused and the intelligence reports showed that hundreds of madrassa and Muslim colleges were radicalizing youth and running 58 terror modules in West Bengal. So one can imagine what these colleges are teaching. Probably we will one day see students in Bengal clearing entrance exam on how to make bombs and grenades, how to blast buildings and shoot others.
Mamata Banerjee is only doing it to secure her vote banks in the state. She has given free run to all anti social elements, terrorists and Muslim clerics who are openly endorsing Pakistan. Her appeasement politics is going beyond limits and no wonder if Bengal one day will turn into a hub of anti National activities.
It is time the courts step in and put a break to her appeasement politics which is destroying the democracy in the country.

Aishwaraya S