Mamata Banerjee suspects Rahul Gandhi’s leadership qualities days after MK Stalin announced he’ll install Rahul Gandhi in 2019 (just like a software ?)

On 16th December, the DMK chief MK Stalin had said that “We will install a new Prime Minister in Delhi. We will build a new India. I have proposed Thiru Rahul Gandhi’s name as PM and appeal to respected leaders of all the parties to strengthen his hands and save the nation from the fascist Modi government”.

Forget installing Rahul Gandhi as India’s Prime Minister in 2019, people are not even ready to download Rahul Gandhi as they consider it a scam software.

But before the people could express their dissatisfaction towards Rahul Gandhi’s dream, the leaders of grand alliance have opposed this move. Yes, the so called MahaGatbhandhan is not ready to embrace Rahul Gandhi as their leader.

West Bengal chief minister’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) issued a statement that read “We have taken this very seriously. The entire Opposition is taking a closer and serious view of it. The presentation or announcement of any name is not welcoming. This could harm the unity amongst the Opposition parties”.

The letter clearly says that Rahul Gandhi can’t be the leader of Grand alliance as he has all potentials to ruin the unity of the Modi-hating front. So after millions of Indians, now even Mamata Banerjee is suspecting Rahul Gandhi’s leadership qualities.

Presently, none are ready to accept Rahul Gandhi as their leader. Days ago the Supreme Court had exposed the lies of Congress party and announced that there was no scam in the Rafale deal. However Rahul Gandhi tried to fool the people once again by demanding for a JPC.

But even this was slammed by his own friend Akhliesh Yadav of Samajwadi party who said “The Supreme court is trusted by the people. It is supreme. We had demanded for a JPC before the SC gave out its verdict. Now that the court has given it’s judgment, we should go by what they have said”.

Hansika Raj