Mamata Banerjee wants to shelter 40 Lakh Illegal Bangladeshis in West Bengal, but what is the real ploy behind this?!

Since decades India is suffering from illegal infiltrators who have literally caused a great concern to our National security and added hugely in population explosion. One of the main reason our population grew exponential after 80-90’s was because of illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh and Pakistan who entered India in large numbers.

Initially these people came to India in search of livelihood as they found it hard to survive in countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh due to extreme  poverty and unemployment. The then Indian governments showed no interest to put an end to the infiltration problem which ultimately became the biggest security concern for India. These illegal migrants later joined hands with anti National elements, human trafficking groups and fake note mafia going against the country. Slowly the pseudo secular parties used these people as vote banks which became an ultimate betrayal to the country.

The political parties in a bid to gain more votes encouraged illegal migration, helping them get voter ID, ration cards and made sure they in turn voted for them. The same procedure was used both in Kashmir, Assam and West Bengal where large number of illegal immigrants poured in to India.With the help of few political parties, many illegal migrants started getting government jobs which created unemployment problems to locals. The illegal migrants started dominating the area, village and whole district once their population had considerably increased.

Causing violence, riots and attacking locals became a routine habit to these criminals. Cattle smuggling, manufacturing and supplying illegal weapons, fake notes became rampant in many districts. The police weren’t allowed to take any action against them as they played great role as vote banks which lead the situation go out of control.

Today 20 years later, the population of these illegal migrants has crossed a crore, they have succeeded in getting voter ID, AADHAR and all government documents to prove themselves as Indians. More than anything, they have become the main vote banks to most pseudo secular parties who are protecting them going against National interest.

This is exactly why Mamata Banerjee is so worried about deporting illegal migrants as they play a major role in helping her win elections. The moment the Assam government announced the NRC list in which 40 lakh people were identified as illegal, the Congress, TMC and Left have gone bonkers accusing BJP of ethnic cleansing. Let us not forget Mamata Banerjee had also opposed deporting Rohingya Muslims despite proving their affiliations with many terror groups.

Mamata Banerjee in her statement said, “People are being isolated through a game plan. We are worried because people are being made refugees in their own country. It’s a plan to throw out Bengali speaking people and Biharis. Consequences will be felt in our state also.”  Her desperation was so much that she went to the extent of saying she will provide shelter to these illegal immigrants in West Bengal. This is just like saying she will provide shelter to terrorists, criminals and anti national elements who are working against the country. This is a bigger ploy by Mamata Banerjee to include 40 Lakh illegal migrants in West Bengal and ultimately change the demography of the state making Hindu minority, This will permanently ensure that no Nationalist party will be able to win any elections in future.

This issue must be taken seriously by the central government and made sure no illegal migrant is allowed to stay in West Bengal which will only turn the state into a another Bangladesh or Pakistan.

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