While Mamata Banerjee was Wasting Time Protesting Against Demonetization, Jharkhand C M Used the Opportunity and Surpassed West Bengal!

When opportunity comes knocking it is upon us to turn it into something beneficial or make a calamity out of it. Those who are smart know how to take advantage of every single opportunity that come their way. Here is a tale of two states and its CMs; one CM who took advantage of the note ban to make it beneficial for his state and the other who has been crying hoarse and demanding a rollback. So while Mamata Banerjee is shedding tears and behaving hysterically towards demonetisation, Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das has seized the opportunity and launched ‘Mission Cashless Jharkhand’.

Demonetisation was announced on the night of 8th November and it certainly took the nation by surprise. Overnight as much as 86% of the country’s currency became invalid and those all cash dependent trades were affected immensely. Cash crisis has no doubt affected routine lives of the people because our economy has largely been currency based. However, in a bid to ease the cash crunch and better the lives of the common man, PM Modi’s government has been promoting digital, cashless transactions by offering lucrative incentives. One of the challenges demonetisation has brought is that of logistics. Huge amount of currency needs to be printed and sent all over the country which would obviously consume time. As is their wont, opposition ruled states have not been co-operating with the PM’s initiatives.

BJP ruled Jharkhand, in the meanwhile, has stepped up efforts to promote cashless transactions and thereby ease the cash crisis. Contrast this with states like West Bengal, where the government has been wasting time on protests instead of taking care of its citizenry. Just like most states, initially there were problems in Jharkhand too. The CM then stepped in to take control of the situation. Efforts are on to make the state’s economy cashless and one of the steps in this regard is e-POS (Point of Sale) machines. This move has alone saved around 700 crores rupees for the state exchequer. In a bid to promote mobile banking VAT on phones costing less than 5000 rupees has been removed. In addition, the state government has not only asked its officials to go in for cashless banking but instructed them to train others they know for the same as well.

A press release by the government quotes the CM who has affirmed that 29 blocks of the state would become cashless by December 30th this year. He has also urged farmers to support his initiative and help make the state complete cashless by 31st March 2017 by using Jan Dhan accounts, Rupay cards and mobile banking. This amply proves that one needs vision and action to make the best of every opportunity that comes one’s way.

Latha Iyer

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