Mamata Banerjee’s political career at risk! This is how BJP could win 22 seats in 2019 Lok Sabha elections from 2 seats in 2014

At present, other than Rahul Gandhi’s tactic of lying, the most active politician from the Modi-hater brigade is Mamata Banerjee. Her party holds clearly majority in West Bengal, yet she is tensed about the rise of BJP in West Bengal.

And there is a reason for this because Mamata Banerjee is in a “Do or Die” situation. The total Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal is 42 and the BJP has set its eye on 22 seats. In the rally that was held on August 22, BJP president Amit Shah assured the party karyakarthas that the sacrifice done by the them won’t go in vain as BJP would win 22 seats.

This statement has literally terrified Mamata Banerjee and since then she has made an attempt to woe the Hindu voters. Earlier, when there were any Hindu festivals, the gift by Mamata Banerjee to the Hindus was the lathis of the police.

But this time she has decided to allot Rs 28 crore assistance to 28,000 puja committees. This includes a waiver for all sorts of licence fees for the Puja organisers and Rs 10,000 donation from the government to at least 28,000 puja committees across the state.

How will BJP win 22 seats in 2019 Lok Sabha elections when it just won 2 seats in 2014?

  • Ever since the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the vote share of the BJP has kept on increasing even though it failed to make big gains in the 2016 assembly elections.
  • The saffron party has not stopped strengthening its root even though it lost around 20 of its men recently. This has been the determination of the BJP in the state.
  • The panchayat elections held months ago proved that BJP is seriously troubling Mamata Banerjee’s TMC. The goons of TMC used all kind of tactics to silence the opposition parties in the panchayat elections. To this act, Congress and the CPI (M) totally collapsed but not the BJP.
  • Bombs were hurled, gun shots were fired, hands and legs were chopped off by the TMC goons, Election Commission officials were attacked and killed. Due to this, around 15 people lost their lives yet the BJP didn’t stop its crusade against the TMC.
  • Another positive aspect for the BJP is that the RSS is increasing its influence in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee got so insecure due to the RSS’ growth in West Bengal that she even went on to shut down nearly 125 schools run by the RSS.

These are the prime factors that would help BJP in increasing its seat. The loyal base of BJP  karyakarthas in West Bengal is the main strength of the saffron party. It was displayed in the past two mega rallies held by PM Modi and Amit Shah in West Bengal, where there were lakhs of attendees.

No governance, only politics: That’s the way of governance by Mamata Banerjee:

At one end she is planning to become the PM in 2019 by the help of grand alliance and at other end she has totally failed at giving good governance to the people. She has been kind enough only to the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by illegally providing them several facilities but not the Hindus of Bengal.

She has used lies and anarchy as her shield. For every failure of her, she has been blaming the Modi government. That’s why the analysts have predicted that the BJP would make massive gains in the state of West Bengal in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

If BJP crosses 20 seats in West Bengal then the seat tally of BJP would cross 300 on its own and that of NDA might exceed 400 seats.

Hansika Raj