Mamata Banerjee’s terror continues in Bengal; Muslims try to attack a police station to lynch a minor boy

Bengal is turning into a hub of anti-Hindu activities. A minor boy had uploaded an offensive post on Facebook so soon he was arrested. Within no delay a group of angry mob entered the police station and demanded the police to hand over the minor boy to them. Reason was clear, they wanted to lynch him. Now don’t jump to a conclusion that the mob is of cow vigilantes. The minor boy was a Hindu. The angry mob burnt vehicles, set public property on fire but still no strict action is taken against them by Mamata Banerjee. No need to mention that the mob is voters of Mamata Banerjee.

The whole law and order has been a mockery in West Bengal because Mamata Banerjee never took any serious actions against these communally triggered mobs. The Hindus are been regularly targeted but a slightest retaliation by Hindus will be projected as an attack on a certain community. When centre tried to interfere in this by visiting the violence hit places, Mamata put restrictions on the entry on those leaders.

How Mamata Banerjee smartly deviated the nation from this communal riot?

Mamata Banerjee’s mind works so rapidly when it comes to target Hindus. Yes, she wanted to deviate the media from the communal violence in West Bengal so she said that Bengal Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi acts like “a BJP block president” and is “threatening” her. Few media houses also reported this without knowing the truth.

Mamata Banerjee’s lie got caught;

Later it was found that the Governor approached Mamata regarding the extreme communal violence that is taking place since several months. As we know this violence has the indirect support of Mamata, how can she put an end to these violence targeting Hindus?

So, she preferred to make a drama and said that governor is targeting her. Her drama script had some strong dialogues like “I could not sleep last night, “I thought of quitting after Governor’s insult”.

Everyone knows how hungry is she to rule the state or nation and here she says that she wanted to quit. It is really funny.



Present situation:

Situation is tense in Baduria, which falls in Basirhat in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal and curfew for 48 hours is imposed in Baduria. Internet services have been disrupted in Baduria. The Centre government has sent 300 paramilitary personnel. The BJP said that 2000 Muslims attacked Hindu families.

Now isn’t this hate crime? Why Congress or CPI (M) or self -proclaimed seculars aren’t talking against this. Several anti-Hindu activities happen regularly in Bengal but go unreported in major news media. BJP leader Sudesh Verma said that TMC goons have attacked BJP offices in West Bengal.

So attacking Hindus is called as secularism?

Nishika Ram