How Mamata Banerjee’s Vote Bank Appeasement is Burning West Bengal to Ashes!

The nation had witnessed her drama. She had even rallied many times, in Delhi as well as in Kolkata, against demonetization. Her frustrated dance had gone viral, post demonetization.

Watch it if you have missed out

But does Mamata Bannerjee, the so called Didi, really cares about the people? Let alone people of India, at least of her state is cared? In the above video, she is showing constitution. She says she abide by it. But the people of Bengal are asking her, “Are you really abiding by the constitution?”

If she really instills the values of constitution, then what made her to allow such a horrific situation in West Bengal? How is she tolerating such atrocities? Of course, the preamble itself states that India is a ‘secular’ country and it is important for every Indian to follow the idea of secularism. However, secularism doesn’t mean appease the minorities. It means treat all religions equally. Going by this logic, it was unconstitutional for Didi to ask Hindus to organize Durga maata procession on some other day prescribed by the government and not on Vijaya Dahami or the next day. From a ground level understanding, even the Muslim community in Bengal pray Durga maata, because she is the lord of that land and not just Hindus. Like people of different religion take part in Dasara festival of Mysuru, even in Bengal, people join together without religious divisiveness. However, State government intentionally divided them this year through its order on Hindus which led to communal clashes in several regions of Bengal like Hazinagar and Halisahar in North 24 Paraganas district. However, the State Government, denied that the violent incidents were communal in nature and dismissed the riots as the result of a ‘personal rivalry’ between individuals which spun out of control. That is how Didi paints the things when she is questioned!






Attack on Hindus in 2008: A Priest tied to tree and hit with sticks

In the last 10 – 15 days, hundreds of houses of Hindus are burnt, demolished, ransacked and the women and children are exploited by the Trinamool Congress (TMC) goons. These atrocities are comparable with massacre of Sikhs in Delhi and Kashmiri Pandits in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh has alleged that “TMC Minority cell (i.e. Muslim Cell) were engaged in the series attacks on Hindus in Bagnan and Sankrail  and finally at Dhulagarh in Howrah district. When Hindus in West Bengal brutalized by hooligans in TMC Minority Cell, then why Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee silent on that?”

Whether Mamata is really democratic? Is she really secular? Is she abiding the constitution and upholding the sovereignty of India? Some of the records do say that Mamata Bannerjee is having links with terrorist organisation called Jamaat Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB). Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials have very often complained to New Delhi about the West Bengal administration soft peddling against several elements working against the stability of the government in Bangladesh. In 2008, monks of Ramakrishna Math were beaten blue by the Jehadist. The state government had not done anything to protect the Hindus. Mamata didn’t raise any voice, because covertly, she was also behind it.

Now, it is becoming clear why Mamata Banerjee was so upset when army was taking statistics of load carriers and Mamata was saing that it was an attack on democracy. But in true sense, she is the one who has broken all democratic principles. Off the records a leader from Bengal also said to this author that she had taken the help of SIMI and other terrorist organizations to win more than 100 seats in Bengal. Though these may appear mere allegations, there is a need to investigate it. Because, some of the incidents do support such allegations. Bomb manufacturing activity was witnessed in the house of an MP belonging to TMC. So it is not just the leader but the whole party is involved in anti-national activities.

Bengal is burning. There is a humanitarian crisis in the state.  It is not about Hindus or Muslims, but the people at large. Internal as well as external security of the country is at stakes. It is our duty to protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of our country. Bengal is the place where the spark of freedom struggle had begun which had spread across the country. Now it is our responsibility to stop the unwanted fire in Bengal.

Akshara Damle

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