Mamata”™s Vote Bank Politics Turning Bengal into Terror Hub???

Imagine a mob belonging to non-SIKULAR party had attacked a police station…entire media and political class would have branded them rowdies and terrorists, but since it”™s done by a so called secular mob, there is apparently no news in any channel. This incident happened in Kulpi block of South-24 Parganas district in W Bengal. Not long did we see a similar attack on Kaliachak Police Station on January 3rd 2016 on the issue of defamation of Mohammad.

On September 11th a Muslim mob attacked the police station in Dhola, destroyed all the records, burnt down three police vehicles and threatened the officers on duty to flee the police station. There were around 3000 people who chanted Allah-Muhammad. Many Police were injured and some were admitted to hospital in serious condition. The Police tried hard to disperse the crowd, but when the mob turned violent they fired at them which killed one person. A Hindu locality was attacked mercilessly and stones were thrown at houses of innocents.

All this happened over the murder of a local businessman. Rauf  Molla, a businessman of Dholahat was murdered at the side of Laxminarayan pur 3 km far from Ramchandra pur village on September 4th. According to locals, the murder was caused due to business rift within this trading community. But the Muslim leaders blamed the Hindu community of the Ramchandra pur village and started attacking the shops and houses in the locality. Reports says that the Muslim leaders who ignited the violence belong to TMC and used this opportunity for political gain by targeting the Hindu community.

The police investigation does not show any link to the local Hindu community in the murder, but rather suggests that personal grudges led to the murder. The Muslim leaders in the area have forcefully closed down the shops of Hindu community and many families have vacated the area fearing for life. The Sundar Debsharma”™s Shop, Kanai Mondal”™s Shop & others were closed down. Using the opportunity, the Hindu shops were looted and ransacked. The violent mob said “After Qurbani of Cows on bakrid, we will make qurbani of Hindu people”.

Many locals have reported that illegal arms have been supplied to Muslim leaders who are planning an attack on 13th September. Inspite of repeated complaints, the police have taken no action and the political leaders of TMC have restrained the police from taking any action against any Muslim mob. The innocent Hindu families have no other option but to flee the area as there is absolutely no security for life.

Supporters and family of the businessman also threatened the police and broke the gates, windowpanes of the station. Following high tension in the area, rapid action force has been deployed to control the situation.

In the verge of appeasement politics the TMC have given free hand to such criminals who in the name of religion are destroying peace and bringing JIHADISM in India. No media, no SIKULAR parties will ever question such incidents.  These people are indirectly responsible for encouraging the FAKE SECULAR Politics which is destroying the country.

Aishwarya S


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