This Man Doesn’t Resign, Instead Commits Another Shameful Act and Gets Away!

In spite of fierce opposition from state’s taxpayers, Karnataka’s super secular Chief Minister Siddaramaiah decided to go ahead with Tipu Jayanti celebrations.

Instead of celebrating, cheering, one of Congress party’s well-known Muslim faces did something bizarre that has shocked everyone.  Karnataka’s Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Tanvir Sait was watching porn during Tipu Jayanti celebrations.

He was reportedly sitting on the dais as one of the guests during a public function in Raichur district when a journalist and photojournalist from TV9 Kannada caught him watching porn.  Footage shows that Indian National Congress party’s MP B.V. Nayak was also present during the event and was seen peeping into the concerned minister’s phone.

Kannada channels have already aired the footage. In spite of the video that shows what he was watching, the minister in question said in his defense that he was not viewing porn, but was watching a video of Tipu Jayanti celebrations held in his hometown.

This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Did Sait compare Tipu Jayanti celebrations with obscene video and pictures?

The congress-led state government had sponsored this and other Tipu events, with taxpayers’ money of course. Minister was expected to at least show some respect towards the evil ruler.  If the state government’s own minister was feeling disgusted, why was the celebration declared in the first place? This is like insulting Tipu Sultan; I wonder why hasn’t any Muslim rights outfit declared protests against the minister?

Instead of apologizing, the minister used his power to file a police case against the two journalists who exposed his hypocrisy.

While interacting with journalists and sharing details about the police case registered against the journalists, S B Patil, the Additional Superintendent of Police said they have registered a case under IPC section 504. This case is not just an attack on TV9’s journalists; it’s on the fourth pillar of democracy.

Unfortunately, Barkha, Rajdeep, Mitali Saran, and Madhu Trehan did not come on streets to protest. Why would they? I mean, Karnataka is a Congress-ruled state.

Not just the BJP, but even JD (S) leaders are asking Tanvir Sait to resign as a minister. When reporters approached Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, he said he will conduct an inquiry about the content that the minister was watching. Now what more evidence is the state’s CM looking for? Why can’t he simply watch the video and get the same tested from a lab for authentication? CM has also asked Tanvir Sait to submit a report about the incident. Does the CM expect Sait to submit a confession letter about what he was watching? Irony just died a painful death!

Nitten Gokhaley