This Man from Samajwadi Party has been Helping Pakistani Terrorists Since 20 Years!

Farhat Khan, who was PA to Rajya Sabha MP Munawwar Saleem from the Samajwadi Party, has been arrested. He was named as one of the sources of sensitive information and espionage, by the Pakistani High Commission staff member Mehmood Akhtar who has since been expelled. Mehmood Akhtar was initially arrested and then released due to diplomatic immunity. He named Farhat and several others as his Indian sources of sensitive information and is said to have referred to them as “close associates”.

 Farhat has been PA to four or more MP’s in his nearly twenty year career. He is accused of being in touch with Pakistani operatives for the last 18 years. As a close aide to a Rajya Sabha member, he had access to several important documents pertaining to parliamentary affairs and other sensitive topics which may have included security deployment in border areas. He apparently used to be paid the paltry sums of between 10,000 and 1 lakh rupees for such important information.

Others arrested based on information from Mehmood Akhtar, are Syed Farruq, Khadim Hussain, Iqbal Cheema and Shahid Iqbal.

 In the meanwhile, in a very melodramatic development, SP MP Munnavvar Saleem has threatened to commit suicide if any espionage activities can be traced back to him. He also chose to shift blame onto the parliament’s security and background research team for failing to identify and plug the information leaks earlier.

 Farhat is said to have often met Akhtar near Mandi House metro station as well as talked to him over the phone. He was picked up from MP Munnavvar Saleem’s residence and detained after preliminary questioning. Crime branch have obtained the names of several other people who were involved in spying and betrayal, during the preliminary questioning of Farhat.

 The revelations are shocking to say the least. That there are people who misuse their positions of trust and power to so shamelessly sell information to India’s enemies is mind boggling. The criminals must dealt with severely.

Now we know why parties which call themselves SECULAR never speak against terrorists and Islam terrorism. Exactly why India should first take action against Traitors within country.