This man has threatened to kill all the Hindus in India!!! Your blood will boil if you know the reason

India is a nation with several special features that is not available in any other country. But this speciality has been misused time and again. In the name of “freedom of expression”, there is a constant attack on a certain religion in an organised way. By accommodating the Rohingya Muslims in India, few are planning to disturb the peace in India. It is suspicious to see why the Rohingyas want to settle in a nation which is 2100 kms away from their homeland?

Those who didn’t want to accommodate the Kashmiri Pandits in their own motherland are now batting for the Rohingya Muslims. Few are so desperate to accommodate the Rohingyas that they have threatened to wipe out all the Hindus of India.

The man in the video threatens PM Modi to accommodate the Rohingyas who have fled from Myanmar. This man initially speaks as if he is a messenger of peace but as his speech continues, he threatens to wipe out all the Hindus from India’s map.

This man has really shamed the Muslims of India by threatening the Hindus of India. As we are taught in schools, all Indians are brothers and sisters. But for this man in the video, the Myanmar Muslims comes first and then the Indian Hindus. This is really a dangerous trend which will destroy the communal harmony in India.

Kamlesh Tiwari is still in jail for allegedly insulting a certain religion. But the man in the video has crossed all limits and has threatened to wipe out his own countrymen from India’s map. Will the people who were present with him, disown this statement? Will the man be sent behind the bars? Will he be called intolerant or still a peace loving man?

Has this lunatic ever raised his voice against the Rohingyas who rape and kill young girls of India? Has this man ever raised his voice against the Rohingyas, who indulge in illegal activities? Has this man ever raised his voice against the Rohingyas, who involve in breaking the integrity of this nation? If he didn’t do any of the above activities, then he has no right to request/order PM Modi to accommodate the Rohingyas in the Indian Territory.

The central government is very firm on its stand that the Rohingyas are a security threat to India. Majority of the nation supports the stand of the central government. Now the work of central government is not only to deport the Rohingyas but also to arrest the people who sit in air-conditioned room and provoke certain people to fight in the name of religion.

Ananya Sharma