Man who converted 14 people to Christianity shot at “Judge’s wife and son” just because they refused to convert to Christianity?

Religious fanaticism can take one to any extent and this time this fanaticism has forced a man who had converted to Christianity to shoot the innocents who refused to convert to Christianity. Mahipal was working as a gunman with the Gurugram Additional District Judge Krishan Kant did this heinous crime of killing innocent lives.

The killer was so cruel that after shooting at the Judge Krishan Kant’s family, Mahipal said “I shot your wife and son. Go and see them”.

This shocking incident happened on 13th October at 3:30 PM in a busy street near Arcadia market and killer had already converted 14 people to Christianity including a CRPF personnel. The gunman named Mahipal, who had converted to Christianity, fired two shots at the judge Krishan Kant’s Ritu (37 years), using his .38 bore revolver. When Ritu’s son Dhruv (17 years) tried to stop him, gunman Mahipal shot at him thrice. Even though victims were shifted to the hospital, Ritu succumbed to her injuries while the condition of Dhruv is said to be critical.

Soon after the killing, the gunman Mahipal fled from the scene but at around 5:30 PM the same day police managed to grab him. The police claimed that after shooting at the family of the judge Krishan Kant, Mahipal went to his friends house seeking help at the nearby Islampur and said his friend that judge’s family met him with an accident.

But later he agreed that he shot at judge’s wife and that’s when his friend refused to help. Due to this, he drove his car from there towards Bhaktawar Chowk and from there to Faridabad. But when he was in Gwalpahari, the police traced him and arrested him. But before getting arrested, he even fired shots at the police personnel.

During the preliminary investigation, it was found out that Mahipal had no strong reasons to kill the judge’s family and that’s when the conversion angle was probed. Commissioner of Police KK Rao said “Investigations are on and we are still to know the real motive. Yes, he had been speaking about the Bible”.

Commissioner of Police KK Rao also added “The accused seems mentally unstable and has been evading questions. We are considering getting him medically examined. The interrogation is on to ascertain the motive for the crime”.

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Gunman standing beside the judge”s son after firing at him in Gurugram on 13th October 2018

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A guard named Ram Chander at an SBI ATM near the location where the killing took place said that “I saw a woman lying on the ground unconscious and the gunman kicking her. Minutes later, he was trying to pull the boy inside the car. But when he saw more people nearby, he left the boy and fled. I called my boss who asked me pull down the shutter”.

Now a detailed investigation must be carried out on this incident because if the “conversion angle” is true, then there might be a nexus behind the gunman Mahipal and there might be many more fanatics like him.

Source: Swarajya Mag

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