Man who was working as an Imam in Kerala’s Mosque arrested in Burdwan blast case

On January 30th, in a joint operation which was conducted by West Bengal and Kerala Police, a man named Abdul Matin was arrested from Edavanna in Malappuram district. He was an accused in the 2014 Burdwan blast case in West Bengal. After the arrest of Abdul Matin, the police said that Abdul worked as an Imam of a local mosque in Edavanna near Manjeri and was taken into custody from the Manjeri-Edavanna border.

The Burdwan bomb blast had taken place on 2 October 2014 in a house in the Khagragarh locality of Burdwan. As a result, two Indian Mujahideen terrorists were killed and another was injured. Later on, the police had seized items such as 55 improvised explosive devices, RDX, wrist watch dials, SIM cards from the location.

The blast took place in a two-storeyed building in the Khagragarh locality of Burdwan and what makes it politically connected is that the building was owned by a Trinamool Congress leader. Yes, Nurul Hasan Chowdhury who a leader of the Trinamool Congress owned the building.

Nurul had rented the first floor of the building to a man named Shakil Ahmed for a monthly rent of INR 4,700 and the same man was the suspected terrorist who died due to the blast. The ground floor was used as Trinamool Congress party office and was the election office of TMC during the 2008 and 2013 Panchayat elections.

The district police chief of Malappuram district Pratheesh Kumar said “It was a joint operation conducted by Kerala police and West Bengal police based on valid information regarding the presence of the accused in the locality that led to the arrest of Abdul Matin from a house near a mosque”.

Note that the man was a native of Assam and was carrying out terror activities in West Bengal and then was hiding in Kerala. This wouldn’t have been possible without local help. Focusing on this, the police chief said that “We are trying to find out the link of the arrested people with local people as similar incident occurred once again”.

Hansika Raj