Mandir construction to begin soon? Modi Govt files Writ Petition in Supreme Court to acquire 67-acre land around Ram Janm bhoomi

A very big move has been taken by the Modi government that has forced the Indians to believe that the construction of Ram Mandir will start anytime soon. On 29th January the Modi government made a big move in the Ayodhya matter by filing a petition in the Supreme Court seeking permission to return all excess acquired land at the Ram Janmabhoomi site.

Currently, only the 2.77 acre land is disputed and the Modi government wants to acquire the remaining 60+ acres of land which was acquired 25 years ago.

This massive development has come just a day after union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad expressed his disappointment over the delay in the hearing of Ram Mandir dispute. He had said “The Ayodhya case has been pending for the last 70 years. The Allahabad High Court order was in favour of the temple (in 2010), but then it is on hold in the Supreme Court now. This matter should be cleared soon”.

He added “We all respect the Supreme Court, we have our faith in the judiciary and the matter should be resolved without any delay”.

Speaking on this, Dr Subramanian Swamy said “The Centre has gone to Supreme Court in a writ petition to seek release of the non – disputed part of Ramjanm Bhoomi land of 67 acres to start immediate construction. My meeting last evening with Home Minister I had a discussion on my approach. But Centre was keen to obtain prior permission to start construction”.

Hansika Raj