Manish Sisodia first shares tweet insulting Anna Hazare, then claims his account was hacked!

Seems like Delhi Chief Minister and deputy Chief Minister have learnt all the art of fooling people of India very well.

Since the time Kejriwal and his party started losing election after elections in Punjab, Goa, Delhi by polls and MCD elections Kejriwal is facing huge embarrassment. At first he blamed the EVM, Election commission and even blamed the voters for voting for BJP. He had even stooped to a level of threatening people if they vote for BJP just before MCD elections.

Following the events, Anna Hazare the political mentor of Arvind Kejriwal hit out at AAP and Kejriwal saying it was a lesson taught by people for misusing power and breaking the promise made during elections. The AAP which is miffed with Anna’s comment has gone to an extent of abusing him as well.

Manish Sisodia, the Dy CM of Delhi shared a tweet in which people called him BJP agent and called him fraud and claimed that his lokpal movement was fake!

As soon as the news went viral, Manish Sisodia was caught red handed insulting who, they once considered their GURU. To save himself from further embarrassment, he immediately deleted the tweet and claimed that his twitter account was hacked.

He tried to create another drama assuming people are fools to believe it.  Manish Sisodia should explain why the hacker only shared only 2-3 anti Anna tweets and supported Kejriwal in all other tweets! But the twitter people were soon to rebut his stupid claims and exposed him once again.

Aishwarya S


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