Is Manish Sisodia upset with Arvind Kejriwal after Goa and Punjab debacle?

We saw a huge drama staged by the AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal on prime news channels yesterday. He was openly denying his defeat, and blatantly blaming it on the EVM for his huge defeat in Punjab recently. It was hilarious to see Kejriwal crying in front of the cameras and giving reasons for his massive loss. At one point he even said that BJP did not manipulate the Delhi and Bihar elections earlier because they were confident of a win.

It is really sad to see political leaders questioning the very authenticity of voters support. Kejriwal in his desperation to prove his point also mentioned that- I have seen people keen to vote for AAP; so if they casted their votes where did it go, asks Kejriwal?

We think Kejriwal needs to introspect on his strategy for Punjab and then come out in the public. As Postcard team reported earlier too, Kejriwal was hell bent on highlighting the drug menace in Punjab, giving no real solution whatsoever. Also, his pro-Khalistani stand did not help him.

Another major reason is lack of CM face of AAP in Punjab. What was Kejriwal thinking? Was he intending to cash on his huge popularity Pan India? Well, was he really trying to follow BJP like campaigning? If yes, then Kejriwal should have realised by now that it was his party’s biggest blunder.

But AAP party members can’t really help it, can they? After AAP was voted to power in Delhi, there was immediate fallout of the party, when party loyalists like Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan left AAP. Both of them made it amply clear in the public that they were not willing to work under Dictator Politics of Arvind Kejriwal.

And, rightly so. It takes years of efforts to gain a mass leader following. What is Kejriwal even thinking? That he is a very charismatic leader whose appeal is so high that he can overtake old political leadership by ranting in the public?

Seems Kejriwal has not learnt his lessons. Look at this tweet and decide.

Yes, the former Delhi BJP Chief Satish Upadhyay has shared the news on a possible split in AAP in Delhi. This time the rift is a result of AAP loyalist’s deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and the man himself, the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. This fallout is a result of AAP facing a humiliating defeat in Punjab and Goa polls.

It now seems that even the loyal supporters of Arvind Kejriwal have stopped believing in his dictator type of political leadership. Manish Sisodia has been in the party since its inception, and the bizarre logic given by AAP Supremo does not seem to have impressed the party members so far. Seems Kejriwal’s magic is not working within his party members let alone the public at large.

See how the twitter reacted to the recent split news of AAP.


Pooja Bhatia


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