Manmohan Singh had promised Shahi Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid something unbelievable, Check what it is!

The Congress government has left nothing untouched to endanger the National security and appease their vote banks. After Congress came to power in 2004, the first thing they did was to abolish the POTA act which was passed by the BJP government under PM Vajpayee. It gave powers to the investigating agencies to arrest people suspected in terror plots and investigate them.

But Congress to protect their vote banks and save terrorists like Ishrat Jahan and Yasin Bhatkal abolished the act immediately after they came to power.

But now another issue has come to light that Manmohan Singh had wrote a letter to the Shashi Imam of the Jama Masjid, Delhi in October 2004 promising that he will not declare the Masjid as the National monument. Today the Delhi High Court took up the case and questioned Manmohan Singh’s decision promising Shahi Imam. Manmohan Singh’s decision has now come under scanner and the court has asked what was the motive behind such a promise to the Jama Masjid. The High court bench has ordered an inquiry into the order given by Manmohan Singh and has summoned the entire record of the communication.

A petition was filed by Suhail Ahmed Khan who had asked the Delhi High Court to declare the Jama Masjid as a National Monument, after which Manmohan Singh decision was highlighted.
Why didn’t Manmohan Singh and Shahi Imam wanted Jama Masjid to be declared monument?
The real issue here is once any building is declared National monument, it can no longer be used for public meeting or gatherings. A protected monument cannot be used for receptions, parties, conferences or entertainment programmes except with special permission from the Centre. But Jama Masjid has now tuned out to be a hub of political activities, meetings, vote bank politics and many other illegal business.
What is more shocking is that, a petition was filed in the year 2002 in Delhi High Court about terror and anti National activities in the Jama Masjid and misuse of the mosque by Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Raisuddin, a resident of the walled city, alleged that “Ahmed Bukhari and his father had started using the surrounding areas (of the mosque) for their private use and all sorts of illegal activities, bazars, terrorist activities and unsocial elements take shelter in this monument”.
The High Court had then issued notice to government, Lt Governor of Delhi to conduct inquiry into the issue.

So the Congress government indirectly protected terror and anti National activities in the Jama Masjid to secure their vote banks. Manmohan Singh should feel ashamed that even after terrorists posed such grave danger to country, he remained mute and remained a puppet in the hands of Sonia Gandhi.

Aishwarya S