Manmohan Singh is a Joker!!! Not PM Modi but Rahul Gandhi’s father said this

Today, when PM Modi counters a lie with a fact, then the parliament will be disrupted by the Congress leaders. When PM Modi takes a decision in the national interest, it will be opposed by the Congress.

Dr Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister of India for 10 years, sadly he didn’t have any powers as Gandhi family controlled the nation according to their will. Rahul Gandhi had also insulted the then PM Manmohan Singh by demanding to tear apart the ordinance on gas cylinders.

The day when Manmohan Singh was called as a “Joker”!

Insulting the countries Prime Minister is in the genes of the Gandhi family. Sonia Gandhi didn’t even spare the dead body of Mr Narasimha Rao whereas Rahul Gandhi didn’t respect the then PM Manmohan Singh. Now the question arises how this art of mastering country’s leaders was mastered by Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi? Of course, the credit goes to Rajiv Gandhi, who had insulted Mr Manmohan Singh very brutally.

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This shocking information was revealed by CG Somiah, a former Union Home Secretary who retired as the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in his autobiography The Honest Always Stand Alone.

The city-bred and the foreign-educated Rajiv had little idea of the real India!

Rajiv Gandhi had no idea of the real India, that’s why he didn’t know what kind of plan to be formulated. “The broad consensus that emerged was that the Prime Minister was urban-centric without any knowledge of the socially and financially backward condition of the vast population living in the rural areas” CG Somiah mentions in his book.

This negligence of Rajiv Gandhi would prove deadly to both India and the Congress party. That’s why Mr Manmohan Singh tried to convince on the negative economic indicators prevalent in the country in a meeting. Mr Singh also stated that these could not be ignored for providing relief in any future plan.

This was enough for Rajiv Gandhi who lashed out at Mr Manmohan Singh, who was the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission. Mr Singh had to face the derogatory remarks of Rajiv Gandhi front of everyone, which left him deeply hurt. Rajiv Gandhi didn’t end it here as he continued to disrespect and insult Mr Singh in the coming days.

“A few days later, the Prime Minister shared his thoughts with journalists, calling us a ‘bunch of jokers’ who were bereft of any modern ideas of development”, Somiah explains in his book how Mr Singh was called as a joker by Rajiv Gandhi.

Manmohan Singh decided to quit because of the Congress party!

Mr Singh had made up his mind to quit from the Planning Commission. Somiah writes, “I sat with him for nearly an hour and told him not to take the extreme step and blamed the Prime Minister’s ignorance for this behaviour. I further advised that since the Prime Minister was young and inexperienced, it was our duty to educate him rather than abandon him. I was finally able to convince him not to act hastily and that was my good deed for the day”.

Rahul Gandhi couldn’t respect a PM from his own party, will he respect PM Modi!

Rahul Gandhi and his men are seen calling PM Modi as “neech”, Khoonki Saudagar, and many more names. Citizens were shocked at this mentality of Rahul Gandhi but they need to realize a better truth that Rahul Gandhi can’t speak in a decent language as his dynasty has a history of abusing others who didn’t listen to their orders.

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Unfortunately, even after getting regularly bashed, Dr Manmohan Singh hasn’t abandoned the Congress party which is on a path of self-destruction.

Source: http://www.firstpost.com/india/why-manmohan-didnt-quit-even-after-rajiv-called-him-a-joker-382960.html

Hansika Raj