Mann Ki Baat! Lassi seller’s boxer daughter says “Can’t believe PM Modi spoke about me”

You know that your hardwork has been worth it when the Prime Minister himself takes pride to talk about you in his speech. Not many are able to earn the recognition and if your there probably your achievement has been a level higher than others. A similar story connects to Rajni, a 16-year-old National junior boxing champion. Rajni is at cloud 9 after being spoken about by the PM himself.

A proud daughter of Jasmer Singh, who is a lassi seller belonging to Buana Lakhu village (Panipat) , got her name mentioned in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly Mann ki Baat. And it was Rajni’s coach, Surinder Malik, who first got the confirmation from a Doordarshan official.

Known for his keen interest in such amazing stories of common people, PM Modi spoke about Rajni for over two minutes, recounting how Jasmer (her father) supported her dream despite financial hardship. “On winning the gold medal, Rajni ran to a milk stall and drank a glass of milk to honour her father Jasmer Singh, who sells lassi. She said her father had sacrificed a lot to help her reach this stage… When she expressed her desire to learn boxing, her father was determined to provide all possible resources, and encouraged her in her pursuit,” he said.

Rajni is an inspiration to every village girl who trembles to dream big. An inspiration to every father who thinks his daughter cannot make him proud. On the other hand, Rajni’s father teaches a lesson to every family that fears to give birth to a girl child. Today, he is proud to be known by his daughter achievement. What more can a parent ask for. It is a story that inspires every dream to grow big.

Rajni’s tryst with the sport began over four years ago when she saw some girls training at the Phul Singh Memorial Boxing Academy run by Malik. The youngster, the third eldest among six siblings, would initially train with old gloves at the academy. Things improved after she won a gold medal at the School Nationals in Dehradun last year.

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Overwhelmed with the gesture of PM, Rajni still can’t get over Mann ki Baat and it is a dream come true for the star herself. “I still can’t believe that the Prime Minister spoke about me. For the last five years, boxing has been my life… Sometimes, I would train on an almost empty stomach as my father had to support the whole family and we would skip meals for each other. Last year, during the Khelo India Games, I missed the opening ceremony. My bout was on the same day, so I had to train. This year, I wish to win the gold medal at the Khelo India Games and meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” she says.

Also a responsible daughter to her father, Rajni does not miss mentioning her father who works dusk and dawn to support the family. “Mere papa 12 saal se purani Rajdoot pe lassi bechte hain. He has not missed even a single day. You can’t imagine how difficult it is. Early in the morning, when he loads his motorcycle with these metal cans filled with lassi, I sometime pull the bike back so that it can be put on the stand. I know how heavy it is. I have no idea how he balances the motorcycle all day. When he returns after a hard day’s work, we help him to offload the cans. I really feel for him,” she says.

Source: Indian Express




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