Is Manohar Parrikar the Best and Finest Defence Minister India Had in Decades???

Manohar Gopalakrishna Prabhu Parrikar is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India, and Defence Minister in the Governments of India. Before being inducted into the council of Ministers of the Union Government on 9th November 2014, he was Chief Minister of Goa, first from 2000-2005, and later from March 2012 to November 2014, He was replaced by Laxmikant Parsekar as Goa’s CM, Parrikar had represented the Panaji constituency in the Legislative Assembly of Goa when he was a player in the state politics.

Why do many people think the ex—Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is an honest politician?

Manohar Parrikar is a very efficient administrator. His Government could curb the illegal mining in Goa, he brought in efficiency into the administration. The State which had seen a lot of misrule under Congress was growing well under Manohar Parrikar. We find today in Goa petrol is cheapest as far India is considered. Petrol is cheaper than Diesel, Manohar Parrikar has reduced the State Taxes, his tourism initiatives are considered revolutionary and he is improving the tourism a lot. All this shows his administrative capabilities. He is the first IIT graduate to become the Chief Minister of any Indian state. He is also an extremely simple person. Inspite of all these attentions he never craved for media attention and did not resort to dramatics to get any attention on him. There were many policies & decisions which were very different from his previous counterparts. Close on the heels of the Indian Air Force proposal to induct women as fighter aircrafts pilots, another male bastion may give way with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today stating that his ministry was looking at combat role for women in the Armed Forces.

During his Address on the Occasion of IAF celebrating its 83rd anniversary, Mr. Parrikar said

“It is extremely unfortunate that our Prime Minister’s initiatives such as Beti Bachao Beti Padao and selfie with daughter are not being taken seriously by a few people, especially so-called secular-minded people.” “When our PM emphasises selfie with daughter, it does not only address the issue of gender equality but also the disorder of gender insensitivity prevailing in the current form of society in a larger context”, he said.

Mr. Parrikar has more than doubled the compensation for widows and families of soldiers dying while fighting for the Nation. Earlier in 1998, under Vajpayee government that the compensation for the families of the martyrs was first revised after which it has been revised this year, after a gap of 18 years. The revision will be covered under the Seventh Pay commission that would come into effect from January1, 2017 and it will benefit the families of martyrs like Lance Naik Hanumanthappa K.

The circular states, “For deaths occurring due to accidents in the course of performance of duties, the compensation has been increased from the existing Rs.10 Lakh to Rs.25 Lakh.” The amount will be given to the kin of the soldier dying in any kind of accidents while performing their duties. The revised amount will be paid from the welfare fund of the government and it will be separate from the insurance and other funds that the soldiers are entitled to.

Manohar Parrikar Announces Massive Increase in OROP WAR Compensation

Mr. Parrikar increased the amount paid to martyr family from Rs.10 Lakh to Rs.25 Lakh. For Death occurring in the war zone or war like engagement in foreign country the compensation has been increased from Rs.20 Lakh to Rs.45 lakh. In this Government also included Indian Navy and Indian Air Force in this category. Many people are of the view that Mr. Parrikar’sdressing for a Defence Minister is very ordinary not a formal dressing—to that he answers very candidly “Why you look at my dressing look not at my work”? so he nailed the perspective right at the top giving top priority to the job which he has been elected and inducted as a Minister of Strategic importance under PMO.

Which are the traits show that Manohar Parrikar is the Most Dynamic Defence Minister of India?

Manohar Parrikar is one of the most straightforward & honest, and foe for most of the Ant—social elements in our country. He is a workaholic like his boss & PM of our country. There are instances which can be cited, when his wife passed away due to cancer, though he was mourning the demise of his wife, a single parent to his two teenage boys, took the oath to Chief Minister’s office with full responsibility. He always retaliates in the same tone, the opposite person speaks to him

“A terrorist coming to India with a gun should not expect human rights. If required, we will neutralize terrorists with terrorists”. Our Army of 13 Lakh is not to teach peace, says Manohar Parrikar in his own words.

He doesn’t enjoy any Government’s benefits Manohar Parrikar was known to travel by his bicycle to Goa Vidhan sabha and refused all Government benefits after becoming chief Minister, also insisted using his old Innova. He was the first IIT graduate to become a chief Minister of any Indian state. Be it Rafale deal or Jet deal or OROP implementations, he has been playing a major role handling all crucial issues concerning National Security. For nearly 25years his stints at BJP & RSS has fulfilled his organizational duties quite remarkably for the ‘Normal citizens’ and has gained widespread praise for his work.

Manohar Parrikar Links Surgical Strikes Decision to ‘RSS Teaching’

Mr. Parrikar gave due credit to ‘RSS Teaching’ for the decision to conduct surgical Strikes across the Line of Control to target terrorist launch pads in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. He says – “I wonder, with the combination of a Prime Minister who comes from Mahatma Gandhi’s state, and I, defence Minister, coming from Goa which never had any martial race, and surgical strikes. May be the RSS teaching was at the core, but this was quite q different kind of combination”, Mr. Parrikar said at a function, “Know your Army”, organized in Ahmedabad. Mr. Parrikar slammed the opposition parties who have demanded evidence that the strikes were conducted. “When Indian Army says something, we should believe it. It (Army) is world’s best, professional, brave and having a very high integrity”, he added by saying“There are people who will never get convinced even if definite proof is given.

Defence Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar said, “Earlier, there were rates: Rs. 500 for stone pelting (on security Forces in Kashmir) and Rs. 1,000 for doing something else. PM has brought terror funding to zero”. Talking to reporters later, Parrikar said those who sponsor Terror will be affected by the DeMonetization. Earlier, at the event, Parrikar said,” Bhatkalkar did not tell me beforehand that he will felicitate me”. A citation was presented to Mr. Parrikar, which lauded his role in surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. It also thanked him for providing relief to people affected by land development rules in the vicinity of Central Ordnance Depots. He also expressed his view that Brihunmumbai municipal Corporation elections, nobody will be left with power to bribe voters, Parrikar said. Strongly backing the move Mr. Parrikar said Goa is on its way to become India’s first cashless society.

Manohar Parrikar’s plan to Energise Ministry of Defence—

His first major step was always was to prioritisation of projects, backlogs were addressed to, he also found Bureaucracy in the Ministry—both Civil & Military – was sitting on some 400—odd big & small projects that were critical to the three Armed Forces. He also identified the critical schemes across three services that needed immediate funding &implementation. The purchase of 50,000 bullet proof jackets, was sanctioned on a fast track basis once it was realised that troops involved in counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency operations were facing a severe shortage. His main Aim is to Make equipment in India to reduce import of arms and lower dependency on foreign manufacturers. His key focus was only on Implementation, since he took over as Defence Minister.Mr. Manohar Parrikar rises in Parliament and seeks the permission of speaker’s permission to make an important announcement, just imagine also that he announces the completion of the probe into Augusta Westland helicopter deal and adds with regret that the probe had found two opposition leaders, two ministers in the previous government, a former Air Force chief and several other people of guilty of criminal conspiracy to line their own pockets at Public expense. It was the Italian company which lost the deal and the money, not the Government of India. Manohar Parrikar’s resolve to go after corruption, which he is entitled to do so, now after few months we see culprits are nailed – CBI has arrested Indian Air Force Chief SPTyagifor allegedly accepting bribe in the Augusta Westland helicopter deal, Lawyer Gautam Khaitan, Sanjiv Tyagi was also arrested, for signing a contract by then UPA Government had signed a contract with UK based Augusta Westland to purchase 12XAW101 helicopters for the IAF at an estimated cost of Rs.300 cr.

PM Modi handpicked Mr. Manohar Parrikar for Defence Ministry’s portfolio for his Administrative capabilities & clean Image, there were major Defence modernisation projects underway, the scope for mess in defence was enormous, Being IIT graduate Mr. Parrikarwas energetic, efficient someone with the ability to take tough calls when needed. He is one of the favourites in RSS. After the Myanmar strike, as it was pretty clear that no neighbour of ours could take us lightly as it was pretty clear that the Indian Government actively pursued a bull-like stance against terrorist & terrorist havens along the border areas.Mr. Parrikar has been at the forefront of his policy, and he is very efficient in administrative policies & also effective. Mr. Parrikar is a true nationalist, true patriot with honesty as his policy & nailing the facts in his own style of functioning. His actions are very swift &decisive. He doesn’tfantasize sarkari benefits at all. A Defence Minister who has carved a niche for himself in his own stride by calling spade a spade without any fear and not bothering about critics from the opposition parties, the main aim is  for National Security as his priority “Nation First”. He is a karmayogi as Bhagwad Gita says –

“Karmaniye Vaadhikaaraste Maa Faleshu Kadachan”

Jai Hind

Dr.S. Sukanya Iyer