Manohar Parrikar reveals planning of surgical strike started 15 months back in 2015!

Manohar Parrikar has revealed one of the biggest secrets of the surgical strikes. Goa CM who was speaking to a gathering of industrialists in Panaji said that the planning for PoK surgical strikes started 15 months before.

Manohar Parrikar, the former defence minister said that he was deeply disturbed after the Manipur ambush which lead to the death of 18 soldiers. The north-eastern militant group NSCN-K attacked the soldiers in Manipur which made the army conduct first surgical strikes in Manipur area. Parrikar said when he was informed about the incident, “I felt insulted….A small terrorist organisation of 200 people killing 18 Dogra soldiers was an insult to the Indian Army and we sat in the afternoon and sat in the evening and worked out the (plan of) first surgical strike which was conducted on 8th June morning in which about 70-80 terrorists were killed (along the India-Myanmar border).” “It was a very successful strike,”  the only instance of an injury was a leech attaching itself to a soldier’s leg, said Parrikar.

This was the time the defence ministry along with Army started to plan a massive surgical strike in PoK. They wanted to teach Pakistan a lesson which was provoking the Indian army since long time and did not want the Pakistan to take the situation for granted.

“The starting of September 29 (2016) surgical strike on the western border was 9th of June, 2015….We planned 15 months in advance. Additional troops were trained. Equipment was procured on priority basis,” he said.

The defence ministry procured Swathi Weapon Locating Radar, developed by the DRDO, which was used for the first time during surgical strikes to locate “firing units” of Pakistani Army. It was indigenous product and was very well developed said Parrikar.

But few media channels twisted Parrikar’s statement that death of 18 soldiers insulted him and said media’s insulting question lead to the surgical strike operation against Pakistan. Rahul Gandhi also tweeted the same fake story and tried to mock Parrikar. The media later clarified that they mis quoted Parrikar’s statement.