Manohar Parrikar, the man who not only made our forces powerful but also uplifted the career of Ace Shooter Tejaswini Sawant

Today the nation is bidding the farewell to the departed soul of former Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. But he will always remain alive in our heart. Till his last moment, he worked for the nation. Struggling with cancer never let him down to serve his nation and people

He has taken so many important steps that have made our forces most powerful and irresistible. He was the one who has modernized our forces. He was the one who has served the long pending demand of soldiers of One Rank One Pension. He was the one who has almost doubled the compensation for widows and families of soldiers dying while fighting for the country

The first Surgical Strike carried out by our Armed Forces was under his tenure. He was the one who has instilled the fear in the enemy’s mind.

Apart from this, he has also served many others who were in need. He came as a ray of hope for the young ace shooting champ Tejaswini Sawant

She described how immediately he signed a cheque of Rs 1 Lakh for her help.”It was a brief meeting with Parrikar along with family friend and senior BJP leader Chandrakant Patil. He just listened about my performance and estimated the expenditure. He then signed a cheque for me immediately,” the ace shooter recalled while talking to PTI over the phone.”The amount was around Rs 1 lakh and it was the most needed help for me that changed my entire career,” she said.

Her only regret now is that she could not thank the Chief Minister enough for his generosity which made a big contribution in her life and shooting career.

It helped Sawant move ahead as she scored 397 and 396 out of 400 in two rounds of the event, comfortably securing a place among the mainstream shooters to represent India.

The boost further helped her in improving her performance game by game, and she subsequently became the first Indian woman shooter to win a gold medal at the World Championships, with a world-record equalling score in the 50m rifle prone event in 2010 in Germany.

“I could do it only because of two people. First, Manohar Parrikar for his trust and financial support, and then Chandrakant Patil, who took my case to Parrikar,” she said.

Since 2006, Sawant won several gold and other medals in international championships.

She said after the early success in her career, she received offers for a job in the Goa government and financial help for travel and training expenses till she wanted to play.

“I regret that I could never thank Parrikar properly for his contribution in my life and career,” the shooter said while expressing her grief over his demise.

When contacted, Patil, who is currently Maharashtra’s revenue minister, said he shared close ties with Parrikar. He said when Sawant approached him, Parrikar’s name came to his mind and he called up his number for help.

“He was like that (generous). In case of Tejaswini, Parrikar helped her in his own capacity. He didn’t use the government money. Though he spent from his pocket, he never brought up the issue in our subsequent conversations,” Patil said.

This was the legend Manohar Parrikar who helped the shooter to make her career and that also without using the Government’s penny

Credits& Source: News18