How Many Ever Thought that a ‘Chaiwala’ Would Lead the WAR Against Black Money???

One midnight many years ago – 69 years ago to be precise – our parents were told that that the time had come to redeem the tryst they had made with destiny. It was to be redeemed very substantially as India awoke to life and freedom while the world slept. That rare moment of history was the one when our country, ended one age to step into a new one with the long-suppressed soul of our nation finally finding utterance.

On that momentous occasion, the first Prime Minister of our country had affirmed being committed to the service of her people. The speech had been sprinkled with generous dollops of rhetoric as befitted the occasion, stating that the endeavour would be to fight poverty, ignorance and disease, ensure justice to every citizen and build a prosperous, progressive nation on the foundation of democracy.

Somewhere along the way, over the intervening years, this noble intent got buried under the more immediate need of vested interests. As a result, our country slipped deeper into the morass of the very same poverty, disease and ignorance that our founding fathers had sought to end. The common Indian too had got used to this attitude and learned to accept the status quo that prevailed, focusing on the immediate need to care for himself and his family.

Then along came a chaiwallah who held out a promise of better days. He seemed to walk the talk and to a sizeable majority, the vision he presented seemed to hold out the only ray of hope. He rode to power on the aspirations of this part of the population. His work ethic, discipline and spirit of service rekindled a tender hope of the elusive Acche Din in the hearts of many hitherto disillusioned Indians.

On the midnight of 8th November, 2016, this man who takes pride in calling himself the Pradhan Sevak of our country, rang in a new era of transparency. Reams of print and scores of social media messages have been dedicated to the brilliancy of his move. By making the common Indian citizen party to the entire process to drive out the scourge of black money, he has ushered in hope and optimism for the future.

Whether it is the neighbourhood grocery shop that began offering purchases on credit, or the cab driver who settled for an amount lesser than the meter reading, Indians at the ground level have shown their resonance with the vision and mission of their Pradhan Sevak. Once again, the long-suppressed soul of our nation is beginning to finally find utterance.

We stand by you, Modi ji. Go ahead and take whatever steps you need to take for us all to redeem that age-old tryst with destiny – we got your back. For, we know that finally, here is a Prime Minsiter who’s got ours.

Anusuya Suresh