How many Indians knew these 10 facts about India?

Being born and brought up in India, how many of you know about these facts about India? Though being a part of India from a couple of decades we are unaware of many of the facts which occurred and originated in India. Here I have jotted down some of the facts about India.

1. Shoe brand Bata is not an Indian company whereas CCD (café Coffee Day) is…

Bata Brands is a Swiss multinational shoe maker based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a family-owned global footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer. It is the largest shoemaker company in the world by volume, selling 1 million shoes every day.

The company is organized into three business units: Bata Europe, Bata Emerging Market and Bata Protective. The company has a retail presence of over 5200 retail stores in more than 70 countries and production facilities in 18 countries.

Café Coffee Day (CCD)

It is an Indian café chain owned by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company. Amalgamated bean coffee trading company (ABCTC) is a Chikmagalur based company which grows coffee in its own estates of 12,000 acres (4249hectares). It is the largest producer of Arabica beans in Asia exporting to various countries including USA, Europe and Japan.

2. The Hakki Pikki Tribe

Did you know Sonia Gandhi often hangs out with Shah Rukh and Amitabh Bachchan? And Congress and Janata are actually best friends!

If you think I’m kidding, let me tell you – I’m not? I mean it when I say that a 3-year-old Sonia Gandhi often plays with Shah Rukh and Amitabh in the neighbourhood park. And on the first day of their school, Congress and Janata became friends. Mind-blowing, is it? But not for the people of Bhadrapur Village, who have a special craze for naming their children after the most popular celebrities and things.

What’s in a Name?

A bizarre and rather funny naming ritual that started almost a decade ago by the Hakki Pikki community (a tribal community), this is just one of their many strange customs that can bewilder any city dweller visiting the village.

3. State Bank of India –Logo

The logo of the State Bank of India is a blue circle with a small cut in the bottom that depicts perfection and the small man, the common man being the centre of the banks business. The logo came from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad (Designer: Shekhar Kammat) on 01 October 1971 and it was inspired by Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad in Gujarat (India).

4. Indian Railways
Indian Railways has world’s 4th largest rail network and it employs 1.6 million people. The number of people travelling in Indian Railways is roughly 25 million per day which is like shifting the entire population of Australia. Annually 8 billion people travel in Indian Railways which is almost equal to the entire world’s population.

5. A Floating Post Office

Indians have not completely given up with the Postal services in spite of the technological advancements. India has the largest postal network in the world with over 1, 55,015 post offices. A single post office on an average serves a population of 7,175 people. The floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar, was inaugurated in August 2011.

6. Bandra –Worli Sea Link

The Bandra–Worli Sea Link is a cable-stayed bridge with pre-stressed concrete-steel viaducts on either side that links Bandra in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai with Worli in South Mumbai. The bridge is a part of the proposed Western Freeway that will link the Western Suburbs to Nariman Point in Mumbai’s main business district.
It consists of steel wires equal to earth’s circumference. And it took a total of 2, 57, 00,000 man hours for completion and also weighs as much as 50,000 African elephants. “A true engineering and architectural marvel”.

The Rs.16 billion (US$250 million) bridge was commissioned by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), and built by the Hindustan Construction Company. The sea-link reduces travel time between Bandra and Worli during peak hours from 60–90 minutes to 20–30 minutes. As of October 2009, BWSL had an average daily traffic of around 37,500 vehicles.

7. SHAMPOO- the concept was initially invented in India.

If you ever believed that Shampoo introduced by the British and other foreigners, then you are wrong!! Shampooing is an Indian Concept.

Shampoo was invented in India, not the commercial liquid ones but the method of washing hair with the mixture of herbs antioxidants was the concept found by Indians. The word ‘shampoo’ itself has been derived from the Sanskrit word “champu”, which means to massage.

8. The game of Snake and Ladder

It was initially originated in India. The game was known as “Mokshapat” or Moksha Patamu and was played as early as the 2nd century BC.

9. The largest producer and consumer of the “King of Fruits” in the world

There is absolutely no doubt that it truly is the biggest consumer and producer seeing that the Land of India is one of the largest in the world so you can imagine how many Mango trees and farms are scattered across the country be ultimately enough to feed every mango eater in India, let alone to the world. The Mango production in India has been reported in 2012 to be around 15, 250, 000 Tonnes and is more than China, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh and Nigeria. Here we’re talking about the production of Mangoes in India alone.