How many “liberal” actors from bollywood came to the rescue of Sonu Nigam?!

Two years back, the media projected the bollywood as the flag bearers of the liberalism in India. The same people created a fake intolerance debate and maligned India internationally calling it communal. Few people who call themselves intellectuals returned their awards to protest against some isolated incident to discredit India.

Aamir khan’s wife had said she doesn’t feel secured in India and gave big lectures on tolerance. Even after the Uri attack by Pakistani terrorists, many directors from bollywood allowed Pakistani actors in their movies, despite huge protests through out the country. Karan Johar did not even condemn the attack by Pakistani terrorists.

But these same people were very active to support Sanjay Leela Bhansali when he was attacked on twitter for twisting the facts in his upcoming movie Padmavati, the Rajput Queen. The entire Bollywood called it curb on freedom of speech and protected Bhansali.

But today the same bollywood is hiding from the issue of Azaan raised by Sonu Nigam and doesn’t want to speak anything.These people who project themselves as the champions of liberalism have nothing to say about Sonu Nigam’s concern. Aamir Khan who gave big advises to people on his show Satyamev jayate, cannot condemn the Mulla’s fatwa against Sonu Nigam.

Now imagine if Sonu Nigam had made a comment against Hindus or temples, the entire Bollywood would have jumped for his rescue and rallied him through out the country. The media would have made this an international issue and dragged PM Modi’s name into it and would have termed it INTOLERANCE PART 3!

They would have also claimed that BJP government was trying to saffronize Bollywood. People like Barkha Dutt, Rana Aayub in the media would have taken the issue to United Nations to seek justice. Another set of Award wapsi gang would have emerged to return their Fake medals back to the government.

But since Sonu Nigam has openly spoken about pseudo seculars and those people who are ruling Bollywood, the so called directors and producers have no spine to take a stand supporting him. Since their entire money route comes from that country which supports Mulla who issued Fatwa against Sonu Nigam. These people run behind the D gang for funds and opportunity in Bollywood, they would never make any statement that will upset them.

Until now not one person from the D mafia has come openly in support of their colleague. Karan Johar and Aamir Khan who gave lectures on intolerance should first learn to practice what they preach. Creating big DRAMA only when it hurts their sentiments and supporting Mullas who pass judgements and Fatwa against people is sheer hypocrisy.

These incidents have only exposed the real face of Bollywood which is nothing but a D-run mafia where there is no place for anyone who speaks against the pseudo seculars. Kangana Ranaut had rightly pointed that Karan Johar is the biggest nepotist who doesn’t let anyone with different ideology survive. Bollywood is just a place for sycophants who run behind these D mafia.

Aishwarya S