“Maoists are Gandhi with Guns”: Arundhati Roy, did she mean Rahul Gandhi?

“It was common to use youths who were misled since young age for creating unrest in society. But now a more disturbing trend has started. The trend is of using renowned authors, political thinkers and educated men to disrupt India’s peace. This has proved more fatal to India than terrorists. Give them an award in International platform and a briefcase of money and they are ready to say anything against anyone.”

These are the words of Yitzhak Aharonovich, Minister of Public Security of Israel.

Three Israeli Authors David Grossman, Amos Oz and Samantha Swablin were shortlisted for the Man Booker Award.  After 15 days of this development David Grossman suddenly changed his stance and started giving interviews where he said that Israel is violating human rights, atrocities are carried by Isreal soldiers and injustices done to Palestine and so on. It clearly seemed that he was trying to satisfy someone. It was clearly evident. After analysing this Yitzhak Aharonovich gave the above statement.

It is tragic to know that Arundhati Roy has been doing this work since 1997. No one knew her till then but her life changed after she bagged the Man Booker Prize in 1997. She was given importance in major TV shows and newspapers. Suddenly she came into lime light.

A person does not want to lose popularity that has been acquired all of a sudden. This is what happen with Arundhati Roy. She rightly knew that giving controversial statements can keep her in the news. Since then she started supporting the anti-nationals, terrorists and spoke against the killing of terrorists. Naxalites were made heroes by her.

After lot of roller coaster ride in her life she had written a novel. The novel wasn’t of terrific standard neither it was of low standard but the friend circle “the seculars” helped her to get her book published. The novel was published and the so called reviews said it was fantastic,mind blowing and what not. But the literature fans didn’t welcome it grandly. But her secular friends saw that it would be given good reviews in all leading newspapers. She was called “The Mistress of Pen’. When she was awarded booker prize many avid readers were shocked by it.

Her book was translated to 40 languages and money started to mint for her. After her first novel she recently announced of writing another one. But between those time gaps she inserted her head in all the unwanted stuffs to degrade India.For example supporting of Afzal Guru. Truly inspirational character she is.

She said the proofs against Afzal guru were fictional. She wrote an article “A stain on Indian Democracy” and condemned hishanging. She even wrote “Walking with the comrades” and praised them whole heartedly. It was published in “Outlook” by Mr.Vinod Mehta in around 30 pages which gave her huge popularity. She said “Maoists are Gandhi with Gun”. She mostly meant Rahul Gandhi.

She frequently said that Indian Army has forcefully occupied Kashmir and held it and the only solution to the Kashmir conflicts was “Azadi”. She conducted many seminars along with Hurriyat Conference leader Sayyad Ali Shah Gilani. In an article named “The Dead Begin to Speak up in India” she spoke about the so called “Azadi” that must be given to Kashmiris. She was never bothered about Kashmiri Pandits.

“We should respect kashmiris opinion and Kahmiris Azadi gang cannot be defeated by 70000 lakh Indian Soldiers” she states. So there is no mistake in Mr.PareshRawal saying “Instead of tying stone-pelter on the army jeep tie Arundhati Roy.”

Credits: Vishweshwar Bhat

Vikrant Raj