Martyr’s Family Insulted by Mamata Banerjee, Says No to Compensation!

Inflictions of Army deaths don”™t heal! They leave an endless agony in the hearts of countrymen! With moistened eyes, Compatriots watch their funeral on Television!  A casket covered in Tricolor”¦.21 Gun Salute”¦. Inconsolable mother, stunned young widow, clueless young children “¦.. Bring  a Tsunami of emotions in our minds”¦.Heartache, Anger, Respect, Pride, Patriotism “¦..

Why does our pain for the survivors heal though? What happens to the families afterwards? How do they survive after the sudden demise of the only earning member of the family? Well, they get some compensation from the government, a job for a family member and a Gallantry Award to decorate their empty house! 

And hence, this news stuck in my heart “¦An old father of Uri Martyr rejects the Compensation by Bengal Government! Onkarnath Dolui ,a 68 years old , partially blind man , the father of Late Gangadhar Dolui,   22 years old  Uri brave heart! Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee has announced Rs 2 Lakh as the compensation and a job of a Home Guard for the younger brother of the Martyred.

Mamata Banerjee, I don”™t know your Calculation methods for the stated Compensation! Two Lakh, really!!! Did you take into account the anguish of aged parents giving fire to the pyre of their young son? Did you calculate the enormity of their shattered dreams of release from poverty? Did you estimate the degree of repentance of the father for missing the last phone call of his son? Did you take into account the fact that the 68 year old would have to work for daily wages from now on? Did you calculate the advantages of a short term job of a home guard promised to the younger brother? If your calculation brought out Rs 2 Lakh in total, then you need to work on your mathematics! Onkarnath Dolui did the right thing in rejecting this meagerly sum!

The enormous sacrifices of our martyred jawans can”™t be measured in monetary terms! Agree! But then the survivors have to go on living! They need dwelling, the mouths need feeding, young need schooling and so on! Throwing a scanty sum on their faces in the name of compensation is a huge insult to their sacrifice and loss! Won”™t this Close-fisted attitude of West Bengal Government demotivate and demoralize the present Army jawans and aspiring one?

Mamata Didi, you have always been so big hearted! Remember your generous Compensation of Rs 10 Lakh for Mecca Victims? Why do you lose your magnanimity when it comes to our Martyrs? Isn”™t Rs 2 Lakh, the same sum allocated to Hooch deaths Compensation? In the wake of  Rajasthan and UP govt announcing Rs 20 Lakh , Bihar Rs 11 Lakh and Jharkhand Rs 10 Lakh ,each as compensation , don”™t you feel your paltry sum rather ridiculous? And last one, How do you feel when a poor father of a martyr rejects your chillar?

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi