Masks, guns and bombs found in ‘bhakts’ house…You will be shocked to see what police seized!

Amidst reports of three people being convicted in the Saffron terror case, the police personnel all over India were on high alert. As it is in Uttar Pradesh, some holed up terrorists, not belonging to any colour, were decimated on Wednesday, 8th March. Some people on some T.V. channels tried bravely to attribute some colour and religion to them, but they were futile attempts. Those terrorists had neither any religion, nor any colour. But they did have guns, arms, ammunition, ISIS literature and what not…

To provide ammunition to those who were debating on T.V. a senior gentleman of the oldest political party of India reportedly said that unemployment and lack of opportunities was the reason why the colour less, religion less terrorism existed in India. I am told that POTUS Donald Trump was seen scratching his head, because he had heard all his life that the US was a land of opportunities. He was wondering how they had faced a terrorist attack in the past. Another section of the people debating on T.V. also blamed our PM Modiji for the spurt in colour less terrorism. Sources say that the CM of Delhi was upset that someone had stolen the thunder of blaming Modiji from him, right under his nose. He started coughing so badly, that his wife called up the Spa in Bangalore for another appointment.

Just then the phone rang in a police station at Old Delhi. The sub-inspector yawned, wondering who used the land line these days. Someone nervously reported that he had seen a large number of guns, small plastic bags containing strange powder, some masks, lubricants, and some gunny bags being stored in a house. The people who came by car had brought these materials the previous night and the caller had heard talks about ‘Attack karenge’, ‘ Badlalenge’, ‘Peeche se vaarkarenge’, ‘Aurat onkobhi nahi chodenge’. The caller was very nervous and wanted to remain unnamed. He just informed about the address and hung up. The call was from a PCO.

The Inspector who was just going through reports on terror on the net was jerked into action. Along with a team of ace sharpshooters, he was just going to get into his jeep, when a worried secular media reporter arrived. He quickly gathered information, called up his team and rushed to the spot. On the way, he alerted some people of the ruling party in the State and soon, they too rushed to the spot. All of them waited eagerly on the edge of the cordoned off area to see some coloured terrorists being exposed. The T.V. Channel had already started relaying sound bites of the politicians on scene. BJP and PM Modi were the obvious targets since they were the perpetrators of the worst crime of encouraging the rogue elements in the people of the majority religion. They were responsible for the worst threats of rape, murder and what not. People from ‘The Quint’ had also arrived – old friends … They had already warned people about this terror. The police started making announcements on the mike.

The door opened and some unshaven people walked out with their hands up in the air. They looked mean and they were wearing Pathani suits … obviously they had been trained across the border. They looked disoriented and confused. The police marched inside and came out with a victorious look. They had sanitized the whole area and had recovered a huge haul. The sub-inspector also said that they had recovered a lot of dry wood & it was obvious that these people were going to indulge in arson (set on fire) soon. People of Delhi were safe now from the Saffron Terror gang. They released this photo:

Oregon sophomore Jai Pannu enjoys Holi celebration as he sprays his water gun. Hundreds of students gather at Knight Library Lawn to celebrate Holi, the Indian festival of colors, on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. (Natsumi Seki/Emerald)

For some strange reason, the Inspector, the media people and the politicians had turned beetroot red and The Quint reporter had turned yellow. The onlookers – they had turned saffron.

Rati Hegde