Massive blow to Kejriwal! Four hundred AAP members in Punjab quit the party….Read to know what happened!

In yet another blow to Arvind Kejriwal’s Punjab ambitions, 400 of his members & leaders resigned from the party. It is worth noting that many of them were founding members of the party as well. This further goes to support the fact that Kejriwal is more of a dictator, & only those who follow him blindly can stay in the party.

These members & leaders released a 15-page document levelling serious allegations against AAP’s top leadership accusing it of spying on its own party leaders. All this happened at a time when Manish Sissodia was also in Jalandhar campaigning for the party.

AAP’s former state IT cell in-charge Himanshu Pathak addressed a press conference along with several other office-bearers & founder members of the party, & alleged that Arvind Kejriwalhad hired a detective agency & was running the Punjab unit through paid observers.

Pathak also alleged that Kejriwal tried to interfere in the SGPC set-up. In a stinging attack on top AAP leaders Sanjay Singh & Durgesh Pathak, who were their bosses in Punjab, Pathak said that the two couldn’teven win a single Lok Sabha seat in 2014 in their home state of Uttar Pradesh.

The party’s chances in Punjab degrade further with this. Kejriwal’s antics such as washing pre-washed food plates at the Golden Temple, comparing the AAP manifesto to the Guru Granth Sahib, questioning the surgical strikes & then going on full-fledged against demonetisation, has resulted in AAP becoming the number three party in the state well behind the SAD-BJP alliance & Congress.

Amidst all this, I genuinely wonder what Delhi must be feeling. People elect a party & chief minister to govern them, yet that’s the last thing Kejriwal has done. It amazes me how he, & even Deputy CM Sissodia spend most of their time in other states, while Delhi rots with problems! The temerity of these two to fool people is truly unbelievable.

Politicians make promises & then forget them, but even the most fraudulent of politicians don’t brazenly ignore the people who’ve elected them in the way Arvind Kejriwal does. Clearly, for him his party is much more important than the people of Delhi who gave him an incredible majority.

I think Delhites should remember only one statement of Kejriwal when he became the chief minister for the first time with his 28 MLAs & the support of Congress. He’d said that ‘itne MLA seitna hi kaamhosaktahai’. Today, he has 67 out of 70 MLAs. How much work has he done, is what Delhites need to ask Arvind Kejriwal, & even introspect as they elected him with overwhelming support.