Massive controversy erupts in Karnataka after CM Kumaraswamy calls agitating sugarcane Farmers as “Goondas”

Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy had promised to wave off the farmers loan in just 24 hours after coming to power. Forget hours, for weeks, even after so many months the farmers’ loan isn’t waived off and the suicides of farmers hasn’t stopped.

At one end there is an unending tussle in the JD(S)-Congress alliance in Karnataka and at other end the sugarcane farmers have begun a protest demanding a Minimum Support Price (MSP) for sugarcane. But the way how Mr Kumaraswamy responded to the request of farmers was really shocking and a huge controversy has erupted has his response.

Calling the farmers who barged into the legislative complex as “Goondas”, Mr Kumaraswamy said “Our farmers are tolerant and peace-loving. When I go to meet them(farmers) in villages they remove their footwear, keep them aside and greet us. But, what we witnessed recently is anarchy. They’re (farmers) attitude is similar to burglars. Our media friends beautifully highlighted how some tried to break-into the Suvarna Soudha. Do you call them farmers? There is a limit to my patience. Those people who are behaving that way are not farmers. They’ve destroyed the integrity of farmers, they’re goondas”.

This was indeed a sad comment from the chief minister of Karnataka because what will the people feed on if the farmers themselves don’t get anything in return for the efforts they put in? What is even more irritating was how HD Revanna, brother of CM Kumaraswamy responded.

Pwd Minister HD Revanna said “The centre must intervene and provide support price to their crops. They (protesting farmers) cannot keep approaching Kumaraswamy, does he have a currency printing machine”.

Karnataka BJP slammed Kumaraswamy saying “An opportunist CM would never respect the citizens and this is exactly what CM Kumaraswamy is doing. Asking a women where she was sleeping for last 4 years clearly shows the individuality of Kumaraswamy. This is beyond apologising, this is a shame & insult to women of the state”.

Hansika Raj