Massive cover-up on Rahul Gandhi’s Singapore blunders!!! Congress now attacks the author who slammed Rahul Gandhi and his family, do you know what the Congress did?

Rahul Gandhi, who is reluctant to even face a question in the Indian soil, went to Singapore thinking that everyone will admire him as he is an alien to them. But it didn’t take much time for him to realize that even the Indians settled in Singapore hate the “Gandhi Parivaar” to the core.

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi could do nothing other than drinking mineral water when a professor and an author slammed the Gandhi family for suppressing India’s growth by asking a question, “Why is it that during the years of your family (Gandhi family) ruled India, India’s per capita income was growing less than the world average and yet in the years since your family relinquished the Prime Ministership of India, India’s per capita income has grown substantially faster than the world average”.

Rahul Gandhi couldn’t answer this question as it wasn’t a scripted one. The author took to Twitter and again slammed Rahul Gandhi by saying,

  • Asked RaGa: “Why is is that, in all the years your family ruled, India’s per capita income grew slower than the world average, but since your family relinquished the PMship India’s per capita income has grown much faster than the world average?” Answer still awaited! Jai Hind!

Rahul Gandhi who was badly humiliated in Singapore, ordered his team in India to launch a deadly attack on the professor!

Congress posted a doctored video to bash the professor who exposed the Gandhi family with the title, “With political discourse hitting new lows everyday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi shows how to gracefully handle detractors and call their bluff”.

Congress went one step ahead and even decided to trend “Thanks to Nehru”, just to save the already exposed face of Nehru and his family.

To the club of Nehru gang, joined the full time Modi hater and part-time journalist Sagarika Ghose. She said “Without Rahul Gandhi’s great grandfather Prasenjit K Basu (author who slammed Rahul Gandhi in Singapore) wouldn’t be in Singapore, wouldn’t speak English, wouldn’t have written a book in English, instead would be a cow dung trader busily drinking cow urine and puzzling over ten headed demons riding flying chariots”.

Yes, she just said that Indians speak English only due to the grace of Rahul Gandhi’s great grand-father. What an bizarre argument. But the nationalists further slammed Congress for their false projection of Nehru’s contribution to India.

Thanks to Nehru, because of him there are dustbins in India!

“As I look around my desk, I just realised everything here: Laptop, Cellphone, Table lamp, paper, headphones, pen, pencil, sharpener, dustbin, stapler, charger, post its, tissues, scissors…everything is here, Thanks to Nehru”.

Nehru taught Indians that cows give milk!

  • Thanks to Nehru, my ancestors realized that cows give milk. Otherwise, as Sagarika Ghose rightly said, they we’re only guzzling cow urine!! Nehru civilized us lumpens.

Thanks to Nehru, India lost against China and even the millions of Hindus in Kashmir became homeless!

  • Millions died in Kashmir and communal violence in the country was rampant during Gandhi parivaar rule. China grabbed big chunk land and PoK by Pakistan, all “Thanks to Nehru”.


Hansika Raj