Massive embarrassment for Congress party as the Indian Army says the first Surgical Strike was conducted in September 2016

A couple of weeks ago, the Congress party had said that it carried out 6 surgical strikes when UPA was in power. Now the Indian Army’s Lieutenant General Ranbir has come out and said that the claims of Congress party are fake. Lieutenant General Ranbir reiterated that the first surgical strike was carried out under the Modi government in September 2016.

Holding a press conference earlier in the day, Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh said “As long it’s about the security forces, a response to RTI has said that the first surgical strike was conducted on September 2016. Apart from that, the way the political parties give statements, I wouldn’t want to get into that but they will get their answer through the government but I have given you a fact that was recently answered by the Ministry of Defence”.

GOC Northern Command, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh

He added “Reaction of the Indian Airforce on 26 February for carrying out air strikes in Balakot terrorist infrastructure was indeed laudable. It was a major achievement wherein. The Pakistanis carried out their air operations very close to the LoC but they were given a befitting reply”.

During the entire phase of 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Congress party under its chief Rahul Gandhi claimed that several surgical strikes were carried out under their regime. He even said that PM Modi was politicizing and insulting the martyrdom of the Indian Armed Force. But the sensible Indians were mocking the claims of Congress party saying “Congress party carried out the strikes even without giving a hint to the Indian Army”.

But now an officer of the Indian Army has slammed the lies of the Congress party. At one end the Congress party is ratted by the exit polls prediction and at other end, it is getting embarrassed after its lies got exposed.

In short, the Congress party is heading towards its extinction.