Massive Embarrassment for Rahul Gandhi!!! This challenge put up by Smriti Irani will make him lose his sleep, do you know what she said?

The BJP lady is once again here to take a dig at the Gandhi family’s “Chirag” Congress president Rahul Gandhi. She has never let down her BJP party and never spared the Congress leaders with her arrow of words.

Union Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday dared Congress president Rahul Gandhi to have a debate with her, saying his “true mettle” will be exposed once he confronts any Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader.

People will know Rahul Gandhi’s true mettle if he debates with BJP leaders: said Smriti Irani

The minister for information and broadcasting was asked if growing public opinion in favour of Rahul Gandhi worried the BJP party, while she was speaking at an interactive session here.

Irani said she was herself willing to take Gandhi on in a debate. “I don’t mind debating with him, but he will not come,” said Irani, the Minister for Information and Broadcasting, while she answered back at the question asked to her during the session.

“I think the true mettle of the man will be discovered by the people if he ever gets on to a debating platform. The 2.0 (Rahul Gandhi) should come on a platform. Pick anybody from the BJP, any stage, anywhere in the country (for the debate). Then see how much strength that 2.0 has,” she added.

Perhaps Rahul Gandhi is planning to sweep polls in Russia, Indonesia & Kazakhstan??

Information and Broadcasting Minister had earlier took a dig at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi over the rise in the number of people retweeting his messages and sought to link this with twitter accounts in Russia, Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

She had earlier described Mr Gandhi as “a failed dynast” who “chose to speak about his failed political journey at a prestigious international institution,” and said it was “appalling to hear him say ‘dynast run everything in India’ when asked about dynastic politics. He seems to have forgotten that in the Independent India, there are many citizens who have contributed in different walks of life, but they do not have any political legacy. The Prime Minister himself is a man who has risen from a humble background, as have the President and the Vice President.”

Smriti Irani also set foot on the Gandhi family ruled land Amethi. Rahul Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency Amethi is now ruled by Smriti Irani. She has also worked immensely for the upbringing of the constituency, which the Gandhi family has failed to do for decades. Despite Amethi being a Congress ruled constituency, none of the Congressmen dares to fight against Smriti Irani.

Source: aajtak.intoday.in

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